Elden Ring Reveal Rumored to be Delayed After Recent Leaked Videos

According to a new rumor, upcoming and most anticipated Souls-like video game Elden Ring reveal will be delayed after what happened recently.

Due to the numerous leaked videos that were spread around in the internet, it is rumored that Bandai Namco will be delaying the reveal of Elden Ring to an unspecified date. This new rumor comes from popular leaker Jeff Grubb in his recent Summer Game Mess explanation video.

According to Grubb, the leaked videos might have made Bandai Namco change their minds in revealing more official details about Elden Ring. The company is now currently looking into those people who might have leaked the videos and are figuring out how to adjust the messaging to the fans and interested gamers.

Grubb did speculate that if Bandai Namco were to make an official reveal of Elden Ring later on, it would be during the upcoming E3 digital event this year. He clarified that this is only a guess and not grounded on evidence.

No other official details yet on Elden Ring, but it should be released on consoles and PC.