Eldest Souls Reveals New Trailer ‘At the Door of Death’

The pixel art RPG souls-like will release this July 29th

Eldest Souls, the upcoming souls-like boss rush from Indie publisher, United Label, just dropped an epic new animated trailer, depicting a taste of the brutal combat that awaits. Appropriately titled, ‘At the Door of Death’, this latest cinematic offers a glimpse into the vast, foreboding Citadel, inhabited by the calamitous Old Gods.

‘At the Door of Death’

Eldest Souls is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Obox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (via Steam) on July 29, 2021.

Eldest Souls is ferociously challenging, pixel-art boss-rush game with a focus on fast-paced melee combat. Players must explore the consecrated Citadel, dripping in gorgeous 16-bit attention-to-detail, in search of the Old Gods – and engage them in savage, souls-like inspired combat, where every moment counts.

Focusing on only the toughest and most engaging combat encounters – the Bosses! – each Old God presents a new and unique challenge for the player to overcome. Victor may claim the God’s celestial powers to unlock a vast array of unique Talents and Abilities, ready to customize their own personalized combat style from a multitude of combinations.

Deep within the world’s labyrinthine passages, players will also encounter intriguing NPCs, compelling quest lines, and a series of ominous mysteries, as they slowly uncover the truth behind the Old Gods and their age long imprisonment.


  • Ferocious, fast-paced, souls-like inspired combat
  • A series of uniquely challenging boss rush combat encounters
  • A cast of intriguing NPCs and challenging quest lines
  • Glorious pixel-perfect graphic style, dripping in gorgeous attention-to-detail
  • Extensive skill tree resulting in multitude of ability combinations for a fully customized combat style

Source: Press Release