Elijah Wood on GTA Universe – It ‘Lends Beautifully’ to Film, TV

Elijah Wood thinks that GTA V has the potential to be adapted to the big screen, or a TV series.

Grand Theft Auto V

Actor Elijah Wood recently spoke in an interview about the GTA Universe in which he said that there is enough content for a film adaptation or a TV show.

The Lord of the Rings actor recently appeared in an episode of Hot Ones, where he spoke about games and movies in general, and experienced what it’s like to be in Mount Doom by eating spicy chicken wings.

According to Gamespot, when asked about the potential of the GTA Universe to enter mainstream film and TV, Elijah Wood immediately said that the franchise itself “lends…beautifully” to that form of media.

He specifically singled out GTA V, saying that the context of the installment and the characters that lived within that world would be “amazing” if adapted to a movie, or a TV series.

Elijah Wood guests at Hot Ones and talks about games, films and the GTA universe

If comments made by top-ranking officials at Rockstar Games and its parent Take-Two Interactive are any indication, however, it would be a long while before we can see the Grand Theft Auto universe and its beloved roster of characters on the small or big screen.

In 2011, The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser following the inclusion of LA Noire to the Tribeca Film Festival.

When THR asked why none of the Rockstar Games’ intellectual property has been adapted to the big screen, Houser responded by saying that the studio remains focused on producing high-quality games. While they have already received offers for movie deals, he said that they will either want to produce the movies themselves or collaborate with top drawer talent in the industry.

Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser

He then added that they have not yet found time to look for or establish that partnership with the right parties.

Take-Two Interactive, President Karl Slatoff also said in a separate interview with Gamespot that engaging in film production projects can both be lucrative and problematic at the same time.

In related news, sources have apparently confirmed that three classic installments of Grand Theft Auto that were previously released on PlayStation are currently being remastered by Rockstar. Reports also indicate that these remasters might come out before the year ends.