Emulating the Arcade Games to Your Heart’s Pleasure

There was a time when games were played on arcade machines. However, today the introduction of personal computers and smartphones has changed the entire gaming experience. Today, we don’t see long lines outside arcade zones. However, there is a way to preserve the history of these yesteryear games and to play them even today.

An acronym for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator has proved to be a boon to the gaming https://romsmania.com/roms/mame-037b11 community. What it has done is that it has revived the Zaxxon mania. You can find out more here What is Zaxxon?

Zaxxon is an arcade game from 1982. It belonged to the shooting games category. Today, on MAME it is one of the highest rated games on MAME.

The game is a classic shooting game where a player has to fly a fighter craft through a fortress. However, the flight is not as easy as it sounds. Throughout the flight there are enemy entities on the ground shooting up gunfire. The player has to shoot them on the ground.

What was so unique about Zaxxon back in 1982 is that it was the first game to use axonometric projection which simulated a three dimensional view – a first of its kind back in those days.

A lot of unauthorized adaptations of the game were released over a period of time. A few clones were also developed. However, the legacy of Zaxxon continues today with MAME.

Revel in Playing Zaxxon Today

All those Zaxxon lovers who have fond memories of the game, you don’t have to lose your heart! In fact, you can rejoice now because Zaxxon is available as a MAME game today. All you have to do is download the game on your personal computer, smartphone, or tablet and get started.

The game uses MAME emulator to make it compatible to the modern technology today. You can just hop into your cool spaceship and breach the enemy air space! There is a massive enemy structure, which is very much like a fortress that you fly over. You have to survive your flight through this fortress by blasting off the targets that you see. This will also keep your ship well fuelled to take you deeper into the enemy area.

If you run out of fuel during the flight, then it gives your enemies an opportunity to blast off your ship and kill you! To refuel your ship, you have to blast the fuel tanks.

Tips to Win the Game

However, for the new players here are a few tips to play and win the game:

  • Do not go soft on the enemy targets.
  • Keep shooting continuously so that you can kill maximum enemy entities.
  • You cannot fly if you run out fuel midway. So, keep a close eye on the fuel indicator.
  • Blast off enemy fuel tanks so that you can refuel your own ship.

All in all, there are many players who have tried their hand at Zaxxon for so many years. In fact, it is one of the most loved games of one entire generation.