Enshrouded: Forge a Weapon Blacksmith Quest Guide

A walkthrough on how to complete the Forge a Weapon quest in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Forge a Weapon cover

Forge a Weapon is a quest in Enshrouded where the Blacksmith suggests to create stronger weapons to take down enemies easily. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the Forge a Weapon quest in Enshrouded.

How to unlock the Forge a Weapon quest

The Forge a Weapon quest will be automatically available upon rescuing the Blacksmith and summoning him to your base. Talk to the Blacksmith about “Crafting First Gear” to initiate the quest.

Craft a Spiked Club or Scrappy Sword

Metal Scraps Location: Scavenger Camp near Rookmore (mapgenie.io)

After talking to the Blacksmith, a location will be marked on your map which leads to a scavenger camp near Rookmore. Scavenger camps are good sources of Metal Scraps which are one of the main materials for either one of the weapons suggested.

It is not necessary to get your scraps from this location as any scrap will do, but this is on the path of safe progression and the camp is also close to a point of interest.

Both the Spiked Club and the Scrappy Sword need Nails which can be crafted from the Blacksmith; two Nails can be produced from one Metal Scrap. Gather enough Metal Scraps to craft either of the following:

  • Spiked Club
    • x4 Nails
    • x4 Wood Logs
  • Scrappy Sword
    • x1 Wood Logs
    • x3 Metal Scraps
    • x2 Nails

After crafting either one of the weapons through the One-handed Weapon category, the quest will be completed and you will be rewarded with 75 XP.

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