Enshrouded: A Black Cauldron for the Alchemist Quest Guide

A guide on how to complete the A Black Cauldron for the Alchemist quest in Enshrouded

Enshrouded A Black Cauldron for the Alchemist cover

A Black Cauldron for the Alchemist is a quest in Enshrouded where the Alchemist requires assistance in retrieving a Black Cauldron to create an Alchemy Station. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the A Black Cauldron for the Alchemist quest in Enshrouded.

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How to unlock the A Black Cauldron for the Alchemist quest

To unlock the A Black Cauldron for the Alchemist quest, you will first have to rescue the Farmer from her Ancient Vault. This will then trigger the Alchemist to have the quest available for you.

Speak to Emily Fray

Rattlebeak Location (mapgenie.io)

After talking to the Alchemist, he will tell you that he heard the Farmer talk about Ikora, a sorcerer. Talk to the Farmer to get more details about Ikora’s last location which will put a marker that leads to Rattlebeak.

Investigate Ikora’s Whereabouts

Once you arrive at Rattlebeak, there are lore pages to be found in order to narrow down Ikora’s trail. There are three lore pages to be found within this settlement.

The first page, Its Flesh is Potent, can be found on a covered well in the center of the settlement. A Hunger in the Dark can be found inside the southeast house, while I Cried out. The Void Answered is in the basement of the same house.

This part can be skipped in case you happen to locate the next objective as you explore the area.

Follow Ikora’s Trail

Once you have found all three lore pages, the next objective will lead you somewhere just north of Rattlebeak. It is best to continue heading east and unlock the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire first as you can simply glide to the area. Also, make sure to level up your Flame Altar to at least level 4 to get through the deadly shroud.

Following the marker will take you to the Cradle of Dusk where you will have to fight the Fell Monstrosity. This enemy moves around the crater, but it appears that it cannot go past the crater boundary, so make sure to take advantage of this.

The Fell Monstrosity has the ability to throw projectiles at you and also summon bugs that can distract you during the fight. In melee range, it can do a shockwave attack that can knock you back.

Being a fell, it has weakness to fire attacks, so go for fire spells or fire damage wands. Its weakness is the gaping maw in the middle of its body, so try to aim for it if you’re using a bow. Always be on the move and you can try to use the ridge of the crater as a way to shield from its attacks. Once the bugs are summoned, immediate hit them with a fire attack to reduce distractions.

Once the Fell Monstrosity has been defeated, loot its corpse to find the Black Cauldron. There have been reports that the cauldron sometimes does not appear. This may probably be a bug, and in case this happens, you will have to log out and log back in to make the Fell Monstrosity respawn and it will have to be defeated once again.

Craft an Alchemy Station

Bring the Black Cauldron back to the base and talk to the Alchemist to learn the recipe on how to make an Alchemy Station:

Once the Alchemy Station has been built, place it on the base to complete the quest and be rewarded with 150 XP.