Enshrouded: How to Get the Ritual Tempest Wand

Where to Get the Ritual Tempest Wand in Enshrouded?

Enshrouded Ritual Tempest Wand cover

The Ritual Tempest Wand is one of the rare wands in Enshrouded known for its powerful Shock damage bonus, making it a good overall weapon to use against enemies in the shroud. Read ahead as we share some tips on how to get the Ritual Tempest Wand in Enshrouded.

Enshrouded Ritual Tempest Wand Location

The Ritual Tempest Wand can be randomly looted from golden chests located within the Kindlewastes region, the southeasternmost part of the map:

Enshrouded Ritual Tempest Wand Location
Ritual Tempest Wand Locations: Golden chests within the Kindlewastes region (mapgenie.io)

Much like other late-game weapons and gear, the Ritual Tempest Wands that are found in this area can either be in epic or legendary rarity. Presumably, the wand can be found in both golden chests and ornate chests (gold with jewels), however, some players reported that they had better luck finding the Ritual Tempest Wand inside the golden chests, just like the Helix Wand.

One way of easily farming the chests aside from doing a chest run is with the respawn method; this method only works when playing solo as it requires the entire world instance to be “closed”.

Head over to the marked chests on the map, preferably ones that are out in the open, then place a Flame Altar beside it. Make sure that the chest remains outside of the altar’s range so that it can respawn. Then, you can simply loot the chest, open the pause menu and choose to Return to Main Menu. Log back into your world and you should respawn right at the nearby Flame Altar, after which you can just rinse and repeat until you get a Ritual Tempest Wand or any of the other legendary weapons and gear.

Ritual Tempest Wand Stats and Perks

Enshrouded Ritual Tempest Wand Stats and Perks

The Ritual Tempest Wand has the following stats:

  • 47 Damage (Shock)
  • +1 Mana Regeneration
  • 300 Max Durability
  • 20% Overcharge
  • 0.6s Attack Speed

Each of the Ritual Tempest Wand’s upgrade tiers will add an additional +9 Shock Magic Damage on top of the base damage. The epic rarity has four tiers, giving it a total of +36 Shock Magic Damage when fully upgraded, while the legendary rarity has five tiers, giving it a total of +45 Shock Magic Damage when fully upgraded. This is especially helpful for dealing with scavengers and other enemies lurking within the shroud.

Best Skills and Abilities for the the Ritual Tempest Wand

Here are my recommendations for skills and abilities that could synergize well with the Ritual Tempest Wand:

  1. Shock Magic Enhancement: Invest points in skills or abilities that enhance shock magic damage. This could include increasing the damage output, improving the accuracy or critical hit chance, or reducing the mana cost of shock magic spells.
  2. Mana Regeneration: Since the Ritual Tempest Wand provides mana regeneration, skills that further enhance mana regeneration can be beneficial. This allows players to cast spells more frequently without running out of mana.
  3. Offensive Spells: Choose offensive spells that complement shock magic damage. These could include lightning-based spells or any other abilities that synergize well with the wand’s shock magic attribute.
  4. Defensive Abilities: Consider investing in defensive abilities to increase survivability during combat. This could include skills that boost health or mana regeneration, increase resistance to damage, or provide defensive buffs.
  5. Crowd Control: Skills that provide crowd control effects, such as stunning or slowing enemies, can be useful when using the Ritual Tempest Wand to control the battlefield and deal with groups of enemies effectively.

Ultimately, you may experiment with different combinations of skills and abilities to find the ones that best suit your playstyle that complement the attributes of the Ritual Tempest Wand.