Enshrouded: How to Get the Helix Wand

A guide on how and where to get a Helix wand in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Helix Wand cover

The Helix wand in Enshrouded is known to be potentially the strongest wand that deals Shroud damage. It can quickly dispatch non-Shroud enemies with its quick casts. To get a Helix wand, you can trade with other players who already have them, or you can farm it from golden chests in high-level areas. Read ahead as we share how to obtain the Helix wand in Enshrouded.

Helix Wand Location: Where to find the Helix wand in Enshrouded

The Helix wand can be randomly looted from golden chests located within the Shroud in the Kindlewastes region, the southeasternmost part of the map:

Enshrouded map Helix Wand Locations
Helix Wand Locations: Golden chests within the Shroud in the Kindlewastes region (mapgenie.io)

The Helix Wand is not a unique drop in chests unlike the Shroud Weaver Staff. And much like other late-game weapons and gear, the Helix wands that are found in this area can either be in epic or legendary rarity. Notably, there seems to be only one ornate gold chest in this particular region, so if you’re on the hunt for the Helix Wand, focus on exploring within the shroud and opening every gold chest you come across to increase your chances of getting the wand. After a few hours of farming, I finally got a Legendary Helix from the chest next to the tree.

Enshrouded Helix Wand Location

Helix Wand Stats and Perks

The Helix wand has the following stats:

  • 47 Damage (Shroud)
  • +1 Mana Regeneration
  • 300 Max Durability
  • 19% Overcharge
  • 0.6s Attack Speed
Enshrouded Helix Wand Stats and Perks

Each of the Helix’s upgrade tiers will add an additional +9 Shroud Magic Damage on top of the base damage. The epic rarity has four tiers, giving it a total of +36 Shroud Magic Damage when fully upgraded, while the legendary rarity has five tiers, giving it a total of +45 Shroud Magic Damage when fully upgraded.

The Helix also has a special intrinsic skill called Ethereal Duplication which gives a 50% chance to fire out another projectile towards a target. The effect of this skill is mutually exclusive to the Wand Master Battlemage skill (30% chance of firing another projectile), so it is possible to fire a maximum of three projectiles simultaneously with this wand and skill.

Is the Helix Wand a good weapon in Enshrouded?

Yes, the Helix Wand is not the best but is considered a really good weapon in Enshrouded. The Helix Wand specializes in dealing shroud magic damage, but it can still be effective against a wide range of enemies, making it a versatile choice for players. It stands out for its effectiveness, particularly against both low-level and high-level enemies. However, it’s worth noting that the Helix Wand becomes ineffective when the player is in the Shroud, so players may need to adjust their strategy accordingly.

While the Helix Wand is exceptional for its shroud magic damage, you might also consider the Ritual Tempest Wand, which offers a different approach with its potent shock magic capabilities, which you can also loot around the same area as the Helix.