Epic Games Store Finally Adds Wishlist

When Epic Games Store launched, it was heavily criticized for not having basic features such as a wishlist among other controversies. But it seems that Epic is finally taking measures to improve their storefront to become more easier to manage. After so long, a wishlist has finally been added to the Epic Games Store.

You can add games onto your wishlist be simply clicking on the heart icon. You may come back at it in the future when you’re finally ready to make that purchase.

Other than the wishlist, Epic Games Store is also working on adding a feature that will email us if the item on our wishlist has gone on sale. A feature that will no doubt be of service to many smart shoppers.

If Epic keeps this up, more players might be inclined to use their storefront. While Epic does have incentives to draw in more people to their platform such as giving away free games and timed exclusives, it still have much to work for to get rid of people’s negative perception of the storefront.

Source: TheVerge

Managing Editor