Escape from Tarkov Surplus Goods Task Guide

How to complete the Surplus Goods task in Escape from Tarkov

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Surplus Goods is one of the tasks that players can take on in Escape from Tarkov. This is a task given out by the Mechanic which requires players to fetch a specific item inside the Reserve. Despite the task being relatively easy, it can only be done if a certain key is obtained.

Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the Surplus Goods task in Escape from Tarkov.

How to unlock the Surplus Goods Task

To unlock the Surplus Goods task, you must first complete the Back Door quest from the Mechanic.

Surplus Goods Objectives

  • Obtain the MBT Integrated Navigation System on Reserve
  • Hand over the navigation complex
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Surplus Goods Walkthrough

Before going into the task, you will first need the RB-ST key which is a key that opens a gate that leads to the garage where the item of interest is. The RB-ST key can be purchased from the Flea Market, however it can get quite expensive. The keys can have a chance of appearing inside jackets, bags, or pockets of Scavs, so it’s best to spend some time looking for one to save up on money. The best place to look for one is in the Dorms area of Customs.

To start with the task, head out into the Reserve map and make your way to the garages along the side of the white knight building. At the south end of the garage, you’ll find the locked gate. Open this cate using the RB-ST key, then hug the eastern wall (your left) and make your way to the tank at the far end of the garage. Near the tank is a leaning crate with the MBT Integrated Navigation System. Pick up the item and then head out to the nearest applicable extraction point.

The closest extraction is the Sewer Manhole, just at the east side of the same compound, however only PMCs or Scavs that are not carrying backpacks. Otherwise, you’ll have to head to the Checkpoint fence for Scavs, or at the Cliff Descent for PMCs.

Surplus Goods Rewards

You will be rewarded with the following after turning the task in:

  • 7,500 EXP
  • 0.02 Mechanic Rep
  • 40,000 to 46,000 Roubles
  • x2 Ultraviolet lamp
  • x2 Energy-saving lamp

Check out this video by Affliktid showing how to complete the Surplus Goods task in Escape from Tarkov:

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