ESGS 2016: Lithium City – First Impressions

One of the games we were able to play during ESGS 2016 (Electronic Sport and Gaming Summit) was Lithium City – and it was really amazing. First thing that caught our attention were the vivid visuals in neon colors. It was definitely an eye candy plus the different effects and light flashes that happen during combat really adds to the intensity of the moment.


The other thing that got us hooked was its gameplay. First of all, the controls were easy to learn and the goal was as simple as finishing off hostile enemies to clear the floor. As a tactical shooter game, there were times that you have to survey the area first before making a move. It is later then up to you how to execute your plan: would you take the enemy down one at a time or crash through the rooms and put the whole floor on high alert. It’s this kind of mix between tactical gaming plus the fast-paced action that keeps Lithium City entertaining.


So far, the game has been greenlit in Steam and was expected to come out on the third quarter of this year, although it might be pushed back by early 2017. It’s highly possible that a story will be created for the protagonist and for the world that she lives in. Also, it’s good to mention that the developers behind Lithium City are two fellow locals — Games By Nico (the Tuason Brothers). It feels so astounding to find out that something so gorgeously made is just a home-brewed game. We will definitely look forward for its full release hopefully soon.