ESGS 2018: Join Team Blue Orange on The Bread Adventures of Butter!

Team Blue Orange: The Story So Far

Team Blue Orange appeared in ESGS 2018 as member of the Indie Fiesta with their game: The Bread Adventures of Butter. Unlike the other games, Team Blue Orange created The Bread Adventures of Butter with a more bright and colorful approach. The game involves a conveyor belt where the player must tap to feed their character to victory. Team Blue Orange is another duo who thought of bringing rhythm games back into the market with a more colorful approach.

Team Blue Orange ESGS2018
Team Blue Orange Game Developers and unnamed photobomber >.<

Similar to some Indie Game Designers, these two pulled it off in an amazing 3 months! The duo really meant to release their game during ESGS as it was the big thing for them. And when they released the game, the game ran so smoothly that there were barely any bugs during the game. That’s quite something in 3 months considering that they also took time off to do real life stuff and part time jobs to further finance the game.

Interview with Team Blue Orange

Q: What made you want to create this game? Where did the inspiration come from?

“Actually, we thought about this game during iOS class in CSB. It was one of the requirements to think of a game. And at that time, I didn’t have much time to come up with an amazing concept. So, we pretty much did everything on the sly. Same time, we started drawing out stuff and decided to put them to good use.”

Q: When you made Bread Adventures of Butter, who did you plan on making the game for? What was your audience?

“We created this game for hardcore gamers who loved rhythm games. Since we ourselves liked rhythm games, we decided to come up with something similar. We also wanted a game that was fun and could pass the time .”

Q: What was the hardest part while you were working on Bread Adventures of Butter?

“One was having to juggle the time. Since we both used to work part time, there are times we only ended up working on the game [Bread Adventure of Butter] at home. *laughs* That is, if our brains were still working.”

Q: How long did it actually take you guys to create the game?

“If with the breaks, around 3 months but that’s because one of us went full time on this game [Bread Adventure of Butter]. When it came to production like for example – the sprites, each sprite took us roughly around a month. We wanted to bring back the traditional animation style and show that it still looked amazing. At the same time, we had to make sure it was optimized for all phones. Right now, we got the game working on a J2 Prime. So, that should be a good estimate for the mean time for the requirements.”

Q: Are you planning to make this game free?

“Yes, we’re planning to make it [Bread Adventure of Butter] Free. But we might add some stuff to make it more of a Freemium game but we’re still deciding on that.”

Q: Will the game [Bread Adventure of Butter] require Wi-Fi?

“Nope, no wi-fi required.”

Q: Will the game [Bread Adventure of Butter] be multiplayer friendly?

“Yeap, we plan to make the game multiplayer where players can link up via Bluetooth or something. It’ll have a more competitive aspect than cooperative.”

Q: Where do you plan to release the game [Bread Adventure of Butter]? iOS or Android?

“We’re planning to release it first on Android since it’s probably the easiest to enter. iOS, we’re still understanding how the App Store works when it comes to selling apps.”

Q: Anything you want to say to our readers?

“Look out for our game coming out next year! Make sure you keep your eye out for our game in the Google Playstore! Also for more news, don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for more news about the Bread Adventures of Butter!”

ESGS 2018 Bread Adventures of Butter
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