Eternights Romance Options: How to Romance Characters

Eternights romance options cover

One of the main appeals of Eternights is the romance options you get to be intimate with in your journey to save the world. The game gives you the chance to spend time with characters in your party to get closer to them. While not everyone is romanceable, most of the cast is, and they each have their own personalities and hurdles you have to help them overcome to get intimate. This guide will show you how to romance characters in Eternights.

Who Can You Romance in Eternights?

Here are the romance options you have in Eternights:

  • Yuna: The famous idol with a girl-next-door type of personality.
  • Min: The shy younger sister type who constantly worries about you.
  • Siu: The confident outgoing girl who knows what she wants.
  • Yohan: The enigmatic man-of-your-dreams with a calming personality.

While you have five party members, only four of them are romanceable except for Chani, who just doesn’t swing that way. You can spend time with Chani, but he’s just not open to romance. Everyone else is fair game and is more than open to developing a relationship with you in Eternights.

You can also flirt with other characters in Eternights, even though nothing comes out of it. The only meaningful romantic choices are the four up above, who you’ll meet throughout the story of Eternights.

How to Romance Characters in Eternights?

Much like Persona, you can spend time with the Eternights romance options to develop a relationship with them when you’re not in combat. On the train which functions as your main hub, approach anyone of them and choose to spend your time. This will pass time, so be sure you’re not missing your deadline to save the world.

Romance Characters in Eternights

Romance is where your social stats come to play. You may notice that you make small improvements to certain stats by picking a dialogue option. Each of the Eternights romance options has a preferred stat that you should rank up in order to go on dates with them.

  • Yuna: Expression
  • Min: Confidence
  • Sia: Acceptance
  • Yohan: Courage

The higher the respective stat you have the more dates you unlock for that romance option. This will unlock more dates for you to go with each other as they start to become more interested in you. This can be a simple cutscene however other dates will ask you to battle against monsters or participate in QTE mini-games. The hard part is improving your social stat rank as certain dialogue options don’t really give you a clue as to what stat it’s improving.

Can You Romance Multiple Characters in Eternights?

You can romance more than one character in Eternights without any consequences. The game does take inspiration from the harem genre, so romancing all of your companions is actually encouraged, as this unlocks new skills and helps them get stronger.

Romance Multiple Characters in Eternights

Normally, romancing multiple people at the same time is a slippery slope even in other video games. However, it’s nearly the end of the world and the girls have the option of either picking you or Chani which isn’t really a hard choice. They can’t really choose Yohan who prefers you.

Does Romance Affect the Ending of Eternights?

Who you romance affects the ending you see in Eternights heavily. We won’t spoil what happens, but you’ll be asked to pick who you love the most. If you’ve had multiple intimate relationships, you’ll have to pick one from all of them.

If you’ve only romanced one character, then they’re your only option. It’s a pretty important decision so you’ll want to be able to pick your best romance option in Eternights.