Euclidea – Review

Platform Reviewed: Android
Platforms Available: Android, iOS
Publisher: Horis International Limited
Developer: Horis International Limited
Release Date: September 2016
MSRP: Free

EuclideaEuclidea is a very interesting puzzle game using the fundamentals of geometry as the core of its gameplay. With just using the basic Euclidean constructions such as lines and angles as tools, players must recreate various shapes and constructs. The problems grow harder and harder in the latter levels and it will need a lot of thinking power to get them solved. They can be, however, solved with different solutions and approaches.

The controls are very simple and intuitive and there are tutorials on how to use the different constructs. A diagram is given in every level and it’s up to the player on how to recreate it using these constructs. There’s no limit on how many constructs can be used but there are set goals based on the number of constructs used which, when attained, will award a star. For example, the problem can be solved within two turns and by using four constructs, but it can also be solved within three turns using two basic and one advanced constructs. Hidden stars can also be awarded if the solution was given with a different orientation.

EuclideaPlayers have to collect these start in order to unlock the next set of problems, but everything can be unlocked from a one-time in-game purchase. Players can opt to continue solving all the problems on their own or can choose to make the purchase. Or they can just check the internet for the solutions. But where’s the fun in that, right?

Euclidea is really one of those games that aren’t really that much of a visually appealing sort of game but it sure does provide quality gameplay. There’s no need to be a geometry genius to enjoy this game so we do highly recommend this game for everyone to play.

This review is based off a copy acquired by the reviewer.