Evil West Game Length: How Long to Beat

Evil West Game Length - How Long to Beat

Players who are looking to beat Evil West may be wondering how much time they’ll be spending in-game. As an action-adventure game set in the Old West featuring vampires and extreme gunfights, I’m pretty sure you’ve got the idea. As we progress through the game’s narrative, we’ll be able to give you a reasonable estimate of how long it will take to beat Evil West, so read on.

How Long is Evil West?

Evil West will take around 10 to 15 hours to beat on your first playthrough. The length will will greatly depend on the difficulty level, as well as the time spent searching for collectibles in various locations. Considering how linear the game is, however, finishing it shouldn’t take more than 20 hours at most. This timeframe is also in accordance with the information provided by Flying Wild Hog In an interview with Xbox Dynasty.

You can play Evil West as many times as you like to experience every difficulty level the game has to offer. If you’re aiming for a Platinum Trophy, then you’re most likely in for a second playthrough since one of the trophies can only be earned by beating the game on the hardest setting.

How Long is Evil West

You can also search for and acquire a wide variety of Collectibles, including but not limited to Lores, Unique Chests, and Cash. Yes, you can’t just easily farm cash, you’ll need to look around for money bags scattered on every chapter, and you don’t wanna miss out on this one as it’s necessary for purchasing skill upgrades.

Even though the game has a structured storyline, players are still free to explore the Old west out of their own pace, therefore it could take longer to beat depending on your playstyle.

How Many Chapters are in Evil West?

Evil West has 16 chapters in total, each with their own unique chapter name. Each chapter playthrough takes about 40 minutes on average to complete, depending on the difficulty. If you missed a collectible, you’re able to obtain everything after unlocking New Game + in the Main Menu.

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