Ex-IGN Writer Reveals Report About Amy Hennig being “Forced Out” of Naughty Dog was “Forced Gossip”

Ex-IGN writer Mitch Dyer came clean today about a previous 2014 report talking about Amy Hennig being forced out of game company Naughty Dog. He revealed he was forced to write this gossip in the report.

Dyer revealed that he was forced by IGN’s editors at that time, who were Steve Butts and Tal Blevins. The gossip was that Hennig was being forced out by Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, which many believed and berated the game studio due to this. This snowballed to what is happening today, which by now since it was revealed to be false is kind of crazy. The damage has been done.

This was an unproven claim and Dyer was forced to write it with the name of IGN and his name on it against his will. The editors claimed it was to protect their relationship with Sony Interactive Entertainment. When SIE denied this and condemned the story, the two editors did not even make a sound and did not even side with the writer.

Dyer has apologized to Druckmann and Straley on his personal Twitter account today. He claims responsibility for this mess and the backlash it resulted afterwards from many disappointed fans and haters. He also revealed that these editors were also the ones to publish ad story on the site that stated The Last Guardian is cancelled. The news team confronted these two editors, but only berated them by saying that they should have chased this story.

Druckmann replied to this post and confessed he was angry of this for a long time. He appreciated for putting the truth on public. He also does not hold a grudge anymore.

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