Exoprimal Open Beta – All Suits, Equipment, & Abilities

Exoprimal Open Beta All Suits Equipment and Abilities Featured Image

The Exoprimal open beta has been live this weekend and it brought player vs player vs dinosaur action in a way that’s more in line with Overwatch than Dino Crisis. This guide will show you all the suits, abilities, and equipment present in the beta.

Please be reminded that things can still change from now to when the game officially launches. And we have been told that we’ll be getting more exosuits in the future to shake up the game’s meta.

Before we talk about suits, let’s go over the game’s controls for both mouse & keyboard, and controller.

Exoprimal Controls

  • Primary Action:
    • MnK: Left Click
    • Controller: Right Trigger
  • Secondary Action:
    • MnK: Right Click
    • Controller: Left Trigger
  • First Skill :
    • MnK: Q
    • Controller: Left Bumper
  • Second Skill:
    • MnK: E
    • Controller: Right Bumper
  • Overdrive:
    • MnK: Z
    • Controller: Y + B
  • Rig:
    • MnK: X
    • Controller: Y
  • Craft:
    • MnK: Left Ctrl
    • Controller: B

And now, let’s about the exosuits themselves.

Exoprimal Open Beta Suits

Exosuits are the primary selling point of Exoprimal. (Though for real, it was the absurdity of dinosaurs that initially drew our attention to the game.) Think of them as Warframes but you have a bunch of them already at your disposal from the get-go. Currently, there are 10 exosuits to choose from. More suits will be added in the future.

To transform mid-match, you press the exosuit menu button (T on MnK), choose the suit you want to pilot, and press the suit activation button. (Z on MnK).



Description: A user-friendly, all-purpose exosuit. Excels at medium and long-distance combat.

Active Skills

  • Ravager: An assault rifle that can be fired full-auto. Aim down the sights to increase accuracy.
  • Rifle Grenade: A grenade round that explodes on impact.
  • Dive Dodge: Performs an evasive roll.
  • Thrust Attack: A powerful strike that knocks back enemies. Charge to increase impact and range.

Overdrive – Cluster Salvo: Deploys multiple heavy weapons built into your armor that unleash overwhelming firepower straight ahead.


Description: A speedy, melee-focused exosuit. Requires deft movement skills to compensate for its light armoring.

Active Skills

  • Fonfa Blitz: Unleashes a melee combo with tonfas that release waves of energy.
  • Linear Strike: A powerful forward tackle. Sends some enemies flying and deals additional damage when they collide with walls or other enemies.
  • Turbine Step: Executes a quick evade.
  • Sky High: Kicks foes into the air.

Overdrive – Limiter Override: Undoes the limiters on Zephyr’s boost gears. Cooldown times are reduced briefly, allowing for faster combos. Also heals Zephyr upon activation.


Description: An exosuit that excels at using explosives. Its grenades are most effective in tight spaces.

Active Skills

  • Skipbomber: Fires a grenade that flies in an arc and ricochets off surfaces. Dinosaurs hit by a grenade will be set on fire.
  • Triple Threat: Firea land mines in three locations. Deonates with [Secondary] after placement to set the sites ablaze. Mines set dinosaurs on fire.
  • Flip Dodge: Uses an explosive blast on evade.
  • Stun Grenade: A grenade that stuns enemies.

Overdrive – Burning Heart: Remove your armor, ignite your Hi-Xol, and become a flying missile that deals huge damage to yourself and your enemies upon detonation.


Description: At exosuit that excels at delivering long-range fire. Requires excellent positioning skills and accuracy.

Active Skills

  • Subsonic Burst: Fires a 3-round burst from your sniper rifle. Shots may be charged and fired when Railgun Charge is active.
  • Vault: Uses the recoil of your rifle to jump even higher. (Double jump)
  • Frost Lock: Fires an icy cluster that freezes foes.
  • Stinger Shot: After charging, fires a powerful railgun shot that pierces foes and cuts through enemy lines.

Overdrive – Barrel Breaker: Converts all accumulated Hi-Xol into sniper rifle energy



Description: A heavyweight exosuit with supreme durability. Its shield increases the team’s survivability.

Active Skills

  • Haymaker: Unleashes a punch from an enlarged armored fist.
  • Shield Blast: A forward shield thrust that sends enemies flying. The more enemies hit by the shield, the stronger the impact.
  • Skid Dodge: Performs an evade.
  • Taunt: Draws the focus of enemies before you by banging on your shield. Also causes enemy exosuit AI to malfunction, hindering their evasiveness.

Overdrive – Strom Drive: Generates a tornado that sucks in enemies by using your shield’s thrusters to make you spin rapidly. Press [primary action] again to launch the tornado and blow enemies away.


A heavy tank exosuit with formidable suppressive firepower. Its arsenal can stop enemies in their tracks.

Active Skills

  • K-40 Repulsor Minigun: Fires a minigun that suppresses enemies with overwhelming barrage firepower. Heats up with continuous fire, requiring periodic cooldown.
  • Stunlock Missile: Fires homing missiles that paralyze on impact. Hold to lock onto targets.
  • Thruster Dash: Performs a boosting evade in a fixed direction.
  • Dome Shield: Deploys a protective dome shield that repulses small dinosaurs. Large dinosaurs will be stunned upon impact but will break the shield.

Overdrive – Todesregen: Uses a laser to pinpoint a target then launches explosives to bombard the area.


Description: An exosuit equipped with a massive blade. Uses the blade’s reach to block and counter enemy attacks.

Active Skills

  • Kiri-Ichimonji: Unleashes a slashing combo using your massive blade.
  • Crescent Moon: Draw and swings your blade forward in one swift motion. Dinosaurs hit by the attack will target Murasame.
  • Strafe Hook: Throws a grappling hook that will pull you towards whatever it’s latched onto.
    • Press [Jump] to perform an Extra Jump.
    • Press [Primary Action] while airborne to perform a Falling Attack.
  • Vajra Counter: Guards against attacks from all directions. Guarded attacks turn into energy, which can be unleashed in a powerful counter using [Primary Action].

Overdrive – Meikyo Shisui: Charges and unleashes your blades at high speed to cleave surrounding foes. Press [Primary Action] to activate the attack.



Description: A support suit that synergies well with allies. Its abilities focus on repairing and buffing others.

Active Skills

  • Neuro Rod: Uses the electric current from your staff to inflict continuous damage to enemies in front of you. Can paralyze dinosaurs.
  • Feed: Heals allies and boosts their movement speed. Can be used to steal energy from enemies and fully charge the Neuro Rod. Also limits enemy movement.
  • Rescue Leap: Sends you barreling forward at high speeds. Press [Jump] for an additional jump.
  • Repair Field: Produces a field that continuously heals all allies located within it.

Overdrive – Vital Aura: Releases a huge amount of condensed Hi-Xol that fully restores all allied health and greatly boosts defense. Limits nearby enemies’ movement.


Description: A support exosuit that can fly in the air. Equipped with abilities that can hamper enemy movement.

Active Skills

  • Aether Lance: Fires light projectiles that explode on impact. These projectiles heal allies and injure enemies.
  • Optics Jammer: Fires a special shockwave that jams/blinds foes and heals allies.
  • Slipstream: A verticle spinning thrust that sends you up into the air. Shifts to Air Supremacy after activation.
  • Graviton Cage: Fires a gravity cluster that pulls in all surrounding foes.

Overdrive – De-Synchronize: Undoes your gravity control limiters to generate a gravity well. Warps and slows spacetime to briefly stop all enemy movement in the area.


Description: A highly mobile support exosuit, with weapons that can switch between damage and healing modes.

Active Skills

  • Mars & Apollo: Shoots single-fire projectiles from twin handguns. Inflicts damage to enemies in Rend Mode, and heals allies in Mend Mode.
  • Mode Switch: Switches between Rend Mode and Mend Mode. Switching modes also reload your weapons.
  • Holo Warp: Projects a forward-moving hologram. It cannot attack but will recall allies it hits. Press [First Skill] to warp to its location and heal nearby allies.
  • Spreadshot: Calls forth your weapons and unleashes a barrage of firepower.

Overdrive – Antipode Burst: Generates a shockwave of condensed energy that heals allies and repulses enemies.

Rig Equipment

You can change your rig as frequently as you would with exosuits. Simply press the Exosuit selection button and hover over the equipment you want your exosuit to have.

  • Cannon – A powerful Shoulder-mounted laser.
  • Aid – Fires an energy projectile that produces a small repair field.
  • Catapult – Performs a boost jump. [Directional buttons] determine direction.
  • Shield – Deploys a shield that defends against attacks.
  • Blade – An electromagnetic shuriken that paralyzes enemies on contact.
  • Drill Fist – A powerful drill attack that can be charged up before being unleashed.

And that’s everything about the Exosuits – their skills and equipment in the Exoprimal Open Beta. We can’t wait to see what Capcom has in store when the game officially launches.

Check out the release date trailer for Exoprimal courtesy of the PlayStation Youtube channel.