Fable Senior Producer Clarifies on Rumors on Downscaling

And still no word on when it will be released.

Fable Senior Producer Amie Loake has recently posted on social media to clarify on the game downscaling rumors that are floating online right now.

A leaker who was discussing with host colteastwood on his YouTube channel revealed that, according to his sources, the new Fable game had to be scaled down. ForzaTech Game Engine was used to develop the game and he said that there were some issues. Also, Playground Games team had lack of expertise when it comes to developing RPGs. This was all unverified though.

Loake has now posted on her personal Twitter account make things clear. She explained that Fable is now in its scoping stage and the development team is deciding on its vision for the project. She assures everyone that this is just of the process and is a very normal part of the triple A game development. She even guarantees that every single triple A game that everyone has played so far has gone through scoping regularly during development.

The senior producer revealed that scoping is done in order to avoid delays and crunch, which was the intention of the development team of Fable. Interestingly enough, Loake did not mention anything about the claims that the team is having trouble in adapting the game’s game engine for a new genre, which is a RPG.

The new Fable game still has no official release window as of this moment. It will be available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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