Fable Game Teased To Be Revealed on Upcoming Xbox Games Showcase

Will we finally get to see the full video of that fairy getting eaten by a frog?

A new post by Xbox teases a possible reveal of the upcoming new Fable game on Xbox Games Showcase.

Way back in 2020, it was announced that Fable is getting a new entry. It was revealed that it is being developed by an unlikely developer, Playground Games, who are known for its Forza games. Little information is known about the game as Microsoft only released one teaser and just crumbs of small details were released in the coming years. There was no real major detail shared by the developers for years until now that is.

New Fable Getting Teased?

Today on the official Xbox Twitter account, a short video was posted with a caption that teases fans that they should not miss the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase.

The video starts with a person checking out his TV and Xbox Series S and then looking down on his table only to be surprised that his Xbox controller is sprinkled with glitter. They follow the trail of glitter upstairs until it ends up on a desktop with its monitor displaying “Xbox Games Showcase” on the screen. The video ends with an invitation to the viewer to watch the upcoming event this coming June 11, 2023.

Is It Playground Games’ Fable or Something Else?

While the teaser does not explicitly confirm that it was Playground Games’ upcoming Fable title, the clues were quite obvious. It could also mean that there is another Fable game in the works made by another developer if Playgrounds Games is not going to show hands during the showcase. Either way, it is obvious that a Fable game will be revealed soon.

What to Expect Next Week

Will it finally be the official announcement of the new game? Will there be gameplay? If it has been this long, then the developers owe it to the fans to give them something big this coming event.

Fable is still in development.

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