Fall Guys Free for All Launch Quickly Gets Server Issues

Big day got ruined by server issues err... cake!

Fall Guys Free for All just launched yesterday but unfortunately it gets plagued with server issues right away.

Fall Guys Free for All Falls for “Launch Day Curse”

The online multiplayer game finally went free to play yesterday and everyone was really excited to try it out. It also launched on Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles with cross-platform support too. That alone looks to be quite a big move and everyone was skeptical that day one would go smooth. They were right.

Server Issues at All Time High

Launch day of Fall Guys Free for All had problems right away with server issues going through the roof. Some were lucky to play, but many were unlucky to get the infinite loading screen at one point. Mediatonic quickly took to Twitter to share updates about the issues on the servers that were ongoing. Their excuse was “baking a cake, but dropped it on the servers and now they are busy cleaning up the frosting from the computer bits”. Also they baked a new cake.

Criticized for not being Ready

The problems did not stop unfortunately and after the public matchmaking was made unavailable, the custom lobbies got temporarily disabled. The developers were criticized for not being prepared for the big day and messed up the launch.

Mediatonic Taking It Like a Champ

Mediatonic did post tweets during those times and it was clear that they did not prepare for the enormous amounts of people joining in to enjoy the free to play gameplay. They had some very colorful posts though, revealing what happened to the “cake” that got accidentally dumped on the servers.

Issues Mostly Fixed

Currently, the server issues are now fixed, but there are still a few kinks. It is still early in the launch so there should be some issues lingering on the servers, but they should be ironed out later on.

fall guys free for all

Fall Guys is now available free-to-play on all modern platforms. See you there!