Fall Guys Season 4 to Introduce Most Awaited Customization Feature

Fame Pass was also revealed!

Mediatonic has recently announced the Fall Guys Season 4 which will be launching next week and it will introduce a brand new feature.

Fall Guys Season 4 Creative Construction will be launching next week, May 10, 2023 at 10 AM UTC. This will finally introduce Creative, an in-game level editor. This will allow players to build custom Rounds and then also let them share with the community for others to enjoy.

“It’s been the single biggest change that we’ve made to the game and it’s really exciting to finally give players the keys to the kingdom basically,” said Mediatonic creative director Joe Walsh.

“From now on, the dev team at Mediatonic are going to be using the Creative tools to build levels for the game exclusively,” he continued. “That means that we can launch more content than we ever have before.

“With the launch of Season 4, we’re going to be dropping over 50 rounds throughout the course of the season which is way more than we’ve ever managed before.

“Another thing that is also really helpful is that for the first time we can start tweaking the levels over the air, so we won’t need to push new updates live to fix bugs, which is a big problem we’ve always had with the game. So all of these things are just going to make the content so much richer and so much more varied from this point forwards.”

fall guys season 4

Aside from the Creative feature, the fourth season will introduce the new Fame Pass. These are multiple shorter Fame Passes that will cost less but reward players with more value for their playtime. Fame Pass 1 will have 6 iconic Costumes for players to earn as they play plus bonus Costumes and cosmetics to unlock after completing the main levels of the Fame Pass.

Fall Guys is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.