Fall Guys Has Sold Over 10 Million Copies on Steam

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Popular online multiplayer game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has sold over 10 million copies on Steam alone.

The new report of sales actually comes from the engine firm Unity. It was from its third quarter 2020 financial results and they mentioned its sales there.

Before this new report, it was revealed last time that the game has sold more than seven million copies on the PC platform. That reveal was from August, which meant that in just a month the game has sold more than three million copies by the end of September. This could only mean there have been more sales after that since this game is still popular amongst the gaming community.

After this game became a freebie on PlayStation Plus, the popular skyrocketed so high and that definitely helped make it popular too on Steam. The content is good enough so many are attracted to play.

Fall Guys is now available on PC via Steam and PlayStation 4.

Source: Unity via VG247