Fallen Legion Revenants Gets Announced for ps4 and Nintendo Switch

Fallen Legion Revenants

Game publisher NIS America recently revealed the sequel to the Fallen Legion series, Fallen Legion Revenant.

Revenant will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in 2021. The story involves two new characters, one of a male noble named Lucien and the other is the vengeful and powerful female magic caster Rowena. Check out the video description of the announcement trailer below:

Seek vengeance through steel and secrecy in Fallen Legion Revenants! The world is covered in miasma, and the remnants of mankind have taken refuge in a floating castle ruled by a madman. Swap between manipulating events within Welkin Castle as the cunning Lucien and fighting off monsters in the wasteland below as the vengeful Rowena in this real-time action RPG. Your choices will decide the fates of many!

Official website here.

Check out the announcement trailer here:

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