Falling Frontier – Opening Minutes of Campaign Gameplay Revealed

The first 12 Minutes of the campaign has been shown

Publisher Hooded Horse and developer Stutter Fox Studios have released the first gameplay reveal for their upcoming game, Falling Frontier. The trailer shows off the first 12 minutes of the first mission of the “Titan Rising” storyline campaign.

The footage comes from the game’s first mission and tutorial, and contains an extended look at the recently-added volumetric fog system used in nebulas and planetary rings. The fog itself serves another purpose besides looking impressive: ships can hide in the fog while they wait to ambush anyone unfortunate enough to stumble upon them. Worse still, sensor visibility is diminished when interacting with the gas particles.

The fog mechanic also allows for the use of depth charge weapons which draw from the experience and atmosphere of naval warfare. But beyond that, working your way through the fog adds that sense of exploration as players need to stay alert at all times when crossing through it.

The storyline campaign opens as the decades-long cold war between Mars and Titan is heating up, with the resulting conflict playing out over the first of three story acts of Falling Frontier’s campaign.

“Falling Frontier’s first act will be a handcrafted experience, while the second and third campaign acts will contain procedurally generated systems with secondary and tertiary objectives, ensuring that no two playthroughs are alike,” said Todd D’Arcy, the solo developer behind Stutter Fox Studios and Falling Frontier.

“Players will have complete freedom in uniquely generated star systems, and actions like establishing small operations or destroying non-combatant bases to cripple the enemy’s supply can and will affect the player’s standing with factions in the system, changing the course of the campaign.”

Finally, players get a first look at gameplay involving two new implemented ships: the Hano Destroyer, focused on destructive weaponry and multiple hangar modules for fighter craft; and the Crete Battlecruiser, capable of carrying advanced sensors alongside a single hangar bay.

Falling Frontier is set to release sometime in Q2 2022 on PC. (via Steam and GOG)

Source: Press Release

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