Fallout 4 Mod Makes Players Hoard Toilet Paper Just like Reality Right Now

Fallout 4 Toilet Rolls

Feeling out of touch of reality due to the COVID-19 lockdown or quarantine? Why not extend that reality with a mod for Fallout 4 where you can hoard a certain item that has gone out of stock here?

Fallout 4 Mod is totally roleplaying today’s situation

This mod for PC is meant to be satirical and just for fun. It allows players of the game to add toilet rolls in the game and make it somewhat valuable for the wastelanders.

The PC mod was created by Oynlen DeathByKitty. It has two models: the Laboratory Beaker and a Mr. Handy Post-War Box. The first one makes a single roll, while the latter makes a big pack. Frustrated with no toilet rolls to purchase in the real world? Get some here instead. This mod even has a 4K version of the 3D models.

This mod also seems to have a story too and is satire to the real world. With it installed, the world has fallen victim to a dangerous virus and the shelves of a certain store have become barren. Players hoard the toilet rolls for its value and stock.

The game is already available on several platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The mod can be played on PC however, so be warned.

Thanks DualShockers. Image and Source: NexusMods