Fallout 76 One Wasteland For All Patch Helped Players Play Together No Matter the Level

Play together without level discrimination.

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Design Director Mark Tucker recently revealed that one of the patches that got implemented for the game would help players play together.

Even if your friend is over level 300 or under leveled compared to yours, this patch allows everyone to play together so they can enjoy their gameplay. The One Wasteland For all patch allowed such gameplay for everyone so that they can enjoy playthroughs without discrimination.

This patch was inspired by the One Tamriel expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online game. It made it so that enemies scale appropriately to the character, regardless of where they are situated on the map. In that regard, it would make it the best time to come back to the game.

“For those who are trying to get their friends back in, we have made some really positive changes to make it easier for them to play together.

“[One Wasteland] opens up the world for older players because now the lower-level places will still present a challenge for them. We’re basically levelling creatures up to your level, but it is relative to you. So that means, you could be level 300 and your friend could be level 5 and you can still play together.”

With this patch installed on Fallout 76, players who want to recruit their friends to play with their game can enjoy their journeys together. They do not need to reroll a new character just to play together with others now. Just play together with them with the current characters they have.

Interview source: Newsweek