FIFA 22 Crossplay Test Announced

Try out the crossplay feature!

EA has now announced the FIFA 22 crossplay test for all players on next-gen consoles and Stadia.

The cross-play test will only be limited. This will only be applicable to the following modes: Online Seasons and Online Friendlies. Players will be able to play together with friends or their rivals if they want and the consoles will not matter.

In order to enable or disable the cross-play feature, it can be done simply by just pressing a button prompt on the game’s menu screen. If they do not want to do cross-play, just turn it off and if they want to join a cross-play online match, they can enable it easily.

If players want to play with their friends, press the button prompt and search their EA account name or console platform.

EA also assures that there is no direct impact on the gameplay of FIFA 22 with the cross-play test. The game company wants players to think of it as just another part of the game.

FIFA 22 is now available on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. It is also available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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