Final Fantasy 16: Ruined Reawakened, Svarog Location, How to Beat, and Rewards

Learn how to find and beat Ruined Reawakened, Svarog, a Rank S Notorious Mark Bounty hunt in Final Fantasy 16 and reap its rewards and drops.

Final Fantasy 16 Svarog featured

Final Fantasy 16 has no shortage of dragons to fight, like the Ruined Reawakened, Svarog, which is one of the Notorious Marks you have to beat if you want to platinum the game. This boss is purely optional, but it’s one of the hardest bosses in the game with its deadly utilization of fire-based elemental attacks that can scorch the whole arena. It’s also hard to locate despite its size, so you need to know where exactly to look if you want to find Svarog in FF16.

FF16: Ruined Reawakened Location

Ruined Reawakened, Svarog can be found South of Mornebrume in Southeastern Sunbreque. Fast travel to the Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate Obelisk, which is the nearest location, and follow the road Southeast to find Svarog’s exact location.

Final Fantasy 16 Ruined Reawakened, Svarog location

The bounty to take on Svarog will only become available once you’ve reached the main story quest, “Fire in the Sky.” Once you’ve reached that point in the story, check the Bounty Hunt Board in the Hideaway to take the Ruined Reawakened, Svarog, so you can fight this optional boss.

There is a small arena just past the south of Mornebrume where you’ll encounter Svarog. Once you reach the area, a short cutscene will trigger where Svarog will fly into the arena and land.

FF16: How to Beat Svarog

Svarog is an S-rank bounty, which is the highest bounty rank in the game. This means that it’s one of the toughest optional boss fights that you’ll encounter. At Level 50, Svarog can really put you down if you face it unprepared.

Here are the best strategy tips that you should use to defeat Svarog in FF16:

  • Focus on the Sides of its Head: Most of Svarog’s attacks are up front so focusing on attacking its sides means you have more chances of dodging its counter attacks. Svarog’s weakpoint is its head so you’ll deal more damage of you attack that. Watch out for its side swing attack where it’ll use its wings to strike in a circle. It’s hard to dodge and Svarog barely telegraphs the attack.
  • Use Will o’ the Wykes and Heatwave: Ifrit’s Will o’ the Wykes and Phoenix’s Heatwave are extremely useful against Svarog as it will absorb attacks for you. Whenever you find yourself in a position unable to dodge or get far enough, then Will o’ the Wykes and Heatwave will be life savers.
  • Watch Out for Blazing Legion: One of Svarog’s attacks, Blazing Legion, summons a wave of fireballs that will slowly approach Clive. While its slow speed makes them easy to dodge and maneuver around, they can quickly swarm you if you’re not keeping track of their location.
  • Watch the Floors for Red Dawn: Svarog will use Red Dawn which will spew fire from the ground to the skies. You can see where Red Dawn will emerge from by looking at the tiny flickers of light from the ground and avoiding going near those.
  • Dodge Far for Embroil: Another notable attack from Svarog is Embroil which appears from the skies striking the ground like mortar. This AOE attack has a large radius going outwards once the flame from the sky touches the ground before it explodes in the surrounding area. Run as far as possible from the place it’ll attack.

Because of how damaging Svarog’s attacks can be, you need to utilize counterattacks to wither down its health. When Svarog misses an attack, get up close and counter with Eikon abilities before breaking contact to ensure you have ample room to dodge. Any of Svarog’s attacks can really hit hard, and getting hit directly could put you in a bad position, which is why hit-and-run tactics are useful against this optional boss.

The average fight with Svarog can take around 8 to 15 minutes. Always make sure to have enough healing items to keep you going in this long fight.

FF16: Ruined Reawakened, Svarog Rewards and Drops

Upon defeating Svarog in Final Fantasy 16, here are the rewards you’ll get:

Svarog Hunt Rewards

  • 30,000 Gil
  • 60 Renown

Svarog Drops

  • 25,000 EXP
  • 300 Ability Points
  • Amber x1
  • Empty Shard x1
  • Fallen Enigma x1
  • Orichalcum x1

You may notice that Orichalcum is one of the drops Svarog gives you upon its defeat. Svarog is one of the only enemies that drops these incredibly rare materials. Not only is it used for crafting powerful armor, but it’s also needed to craft Gotterdammerung, one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Make sure you don’t sell the materials because of how valuable they are.