Final Fantasy VII Remake Co-Director Gets Right Team Members For Development

Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo

In order to make the perfect Final Fantasy VII Remake, game co-director Naoki Hamaguchi had to find the best members for the development team. Here is how he managed to recruit the best members for making this beautiful remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake co-director spills beans on recruitment

There first people Hamaguchi had to recruit for the remake were the ones who were like game producer Yoshinori Kitase, like-minded people. He also got the developers coming from game company Square Enix who were involved in other Final Fantasy games like the ones from FF7 spin-off projects.

The team Hamaguchi built was made up of people who had a lot of experience of the franchise and even its spin-off projects. There were even non-Japanese developers helping them from all around the world. When they heard they were making the remake, they wanted to come and join the project.

Team also had members who loved the game

Aside from the professionals who had ton of experience in development and had done work with the franchise, there were others who were recruited for a different reason. They were people who were inspired by the whole franchise when they were younger. The team is a combination of experience and love for FF7 Remake.

Hamaguchi was glad to be involved with people with such passion for the original game and this new project. As a team, they really wanted this version the definitive one and would make it a game for everyone to remember for another 20 plus years.

Co-director reveals feelings working with game grew up loving

Hamaguchi revealed that the original FF7 was a game he really remembered as a child and he was touched by it. It was also the reason why he joined the games industry. His goal was to make something similar to what the original team did with FF7 and have that kind of effect on people, get that kind of emotional reaction.

This has become an inspiration for the co-director to do better and make the ultimate game that could change someone’s life, just like his with Final Fantasy VII. In this game, he really put everything he has learnt up to this point in his life as a games creator. He is now looking forward to seeing the fans’ reaction to it.

The full game is already available on PlayStation 4.

Interview source: Square Enix Official Website