Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Confirmed To Be At Least 100GB

Those who already have too many games installed on their library, read and weep. For the much anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to take quite some room on your PS4’s hard drive. If you’re planning on getting the game on launch date, then best be prepared for the massive space it’s going to take on your storage.

Images for the game’s cover in Korean was seen online confirming that Final Fantasy VII Remake will a the very least be at 100GB. Which even among modern Triple A titles is a colossal game size.

Image Courtesy of PlayStation LifeStyle

Despite the gigantic game size, this is still only the first installment for this timeless JRPG classic. Square Enix has insisted that despite that, we are still treated to a full game experience with even more to look forward to. Expect a very lengthy experience of this classic JRPG that will have us playing it for countless weeks on end.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is a timed PlayStation 4 exclusive coming to you this April 10, 2020.

Source: PushSquare, PlayStation LifeStyle

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