Final Fantasy VII Remake Receives New Update Save Transfer Feature

Game company Square Enix has recently released a new update for video game Final Fantasy VII Remake in order to introduce a new feature.

The newest update introduces the ability for PlayStation 4 players who own the game to be able to upload their save files online and upgrade them for the PS5 version of the game. They can then continue their journey via the PS5 version easily.

Players will first need to download the free update online. After booting up the game on PS5, players will notice a new option on the main menu. Choose Upload Save Data in order to upload the save files.

There will be a warning that pops up after choosing the new option. Players are reminded that they can upload an unlimited number of saves one at a time. The upload will also carry all of the trophies list information and then it prompts players to reset the settings on the new version.

Players can then download the save via PS5. After completing the download, it will remind players that it has worked. They can now play the game and continue their journey on the PS5.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will be launching on June 10 for the PlayStation 5. A reminder also that the free PS Plus version of FF7R cannot be upgraded to the PS5 version.

Thanks Siliconera!