Final Fantasy VII Remake Static Arts & Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife Dress Ver Announced

A new Play Arts and Static Arts for Cloud Strife as he dresses up in one of his memorable moments

Final Fantasy VII Remake has once again made headlines as news of its sequel was announced and something unexpected was given notice to many fans of the series.

Recently, Square Enix has announced a new play-arts version of FFVII’s main character, Cloud Strife in one of his iconic moments in FFVII Remake. This version of Cloud features him going undercover and wearing a female dress. The Play-Arts & Static Arts design is currently available for pre-order, and more details about the figure can be found online.

Product Details:

FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Static Arts <Cloud Strife-Dress Ver.>

■ Price: 19,580 yen
■ Released Date: February 2023
■ Size: W 114mm × D 94mm × H 274mm / 492g
■ e-STORE Site URL:

FINAL FANTASY VII Remake PLAY ARTS Kai <Cloud Strife-Dress Ver>

■ Price: 19,580 yen
■ Release date: March 2023
■ Size: W 114mm × D 89mm x H 276mm Weight: 383g
■ e-STORE site URL:

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is out for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Its future titles such as FFVII Crisis Core Reunion and FVII Rebirth will be out soon this coming year or next year. More details about the new FFVII games will be available soon.

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