Final Fantasy XVI Flight of the Fledgling Quest Guide

This guide goes through the events of the Flight of the Fledgling quest in Final Fantasy 16, including the two boss fights within the chapter.

Final Fantasy XVI Flight of the Fledgling cover

Flight of the Fledgling is one of the prologue’s main quests in Final Fantasy 16. The Shields of Rosaria have marched to Phoenix Gate so that the duchy’s Dominant and heir to the throne, Joshua, might hear the Words of their Ancestors, as is customary before any great battle. However, the night before the ceremony, the young prince is stirred from his slumber by the sounds of battle. The fortress is under attack, and Joshua must fight his way to his father with the aid of only a single brave Shield.

Read ahead as we go through the events of the Flight of the Fledgling quest in Final Fantasy 16 and share some pointers that are important to the quest.

FF16 Flight of the Fledgling Walkthrough

This quest contains the major plot point in the game. The following guide will be spoiler-free story-wise, as we will only go through the objectives and steps that you will need to take in order to progress through the quest. For this quest, you’ll be controlling both Joshua and Clive at certain stages of the story.

Following the events of Clive’s return from his expedition, a cutscene will play showing the gathering of the Shields during the night before the ceremony. The castle then gets infiltrated, and chaos ensues.

Flight of the Fledgling Objectives:

  • Escape the Stronghold
  • Knight of the Blinding Dawn Boss Fight
  • Eikon of Fire (Ifrit) Boss Fight

Escape the Stronghold

Escape the Stronghold - FF16 Flight of the Fledgling Walkthrough

Awoken by the commotion, Joshua gets escorted by Wade out of his room. Follow Wade as you navigate through the castle and you will eventually encounter enemy soldiers. Use Joshua’s fire magic to defeat them along the way.

After meeting an injured Tyler, Joshua gets reunited with Clive and the Archduke. Clive decides to stay and fight off the invasion as Joshua and the Archduke escape to safety.

Knight of the Blinding Dawn Boss Fight

Knight of the Blinding Dawn Boss Fight - FF16 Flight of the Fledgling Walkthrough

As you get control over Clive once more, head to the next area, where you will have to fight a bunch of Imperial enemies. After defeating all of them, another enemy known as the Knight of the Blinding Light will drop down from above. Evade the strike, and then you will start the fight against him.

The Knight of the Blinding Dawn is a dragoon enemy who uses his spear to perform lunge attacks. It often does a Jump attack where it jumps high up and lands on your last location; you will see a light marker on where he will land, so it’s best to move away from the area as soon as you see it. This attack can turn into a Double Jump later on in the fight.

His other attacks involve a lance slam, where he spins, jumps, and slams the lance to the ground; this can be dodged. He can chain this attack with a lance sweep in case the slam completely misses; this can also trigger a dodge.

Once the Knight jumps up after reaching 60% of his health, prepare for a cinematic strike to shoot a fireball at him; miss it and he will strike you back instead. At this point, he will do a different hard-hitting attack where he flourishes his lance around him before doing a huge swing. Time your dodge as soon as the flourish stops to avoid getting hit.

After defeating the Knight, a long cutscene will play.

Eikon of Fire (Ifrit) Boss Fight

Eikon of Fire (Ifrit) Boss Fight - FF16 Flight of the Fledgling Walkthrough

The next scene will have you gain control over the Phoenix as you fight off Ifrit, the Eikon of Fire.

The first phase of the fight will have you fighting against Ifrit while falling into a chasm. You can aim at Ifrit and then shoot your fireballs at it as it moves from side to side. Ifrit will then try to lunge at you, which you can then evade. This cycle happens twice until you reach the caverns below.

After a short cutscene and a cinematic evasion, the fight continues on to its second phase in the Apodytery. Ifrit now jumps from tower to tower, so you will have to follow it with your aim a lot more. Pay attention and prepare to dodge when Ifrit glows brightly as it’s about to lunge at you. Once Ifrit’s health drops to 25%, it will start moving faster through the towers. It will be harder to maintain aim at it because of the tower rubble in the way.

You will get an opportunity to do a cinematic strike, which takes off a huge chunk of Ifrit’s health. It will continue to one last chase; if you have managed to get Ifrit’s health to its lowest at this point, your fireballs won’t do any more damage until the final cutscene.

Finally, Ifrit will charge up its Hellfire attack. A countdown will show on the screen, and you only have five seconds to do damage to fully deplete its health. Another cutscene will play where you deal the final blow to the Eikon. The chapter then concludes with another lengthy cutscene showing the aftermath of the fight.