Final Fantasy XVI Lost in a Fog Quest Guide

This guide goes through the events of the Lost in a Fog quest in Final Fantasy 16, including the Gigas and Morbol fights within the chapter.

Final Fantasy XVI Lost in a Fog cover

Lost in a Fog is one of the prologue’s main quests in Final Fantasy 16. Bade by his father, the archduke, to address reports of the ever-spreading Blight having driven a horde of goblins into Rosarian territory, Clive journeys to the swamps of Stillwind accompanied by a pair of loyal Shields of the duchy.

Read ahead as we go through the events of the Lost in a Fog quest in Final Fantasy 16 and share some tips on how to complete the quest quickly.

FF16 Lost in a Fog Walkthrough

This early quest serves as a mechanic for some of the combat mechanics in the game, such as the Cinematic Strike and Evasion, as well as the Magic Burst move. It follows the journey of Clive and two of his guards to find out more about the movement that has been happening in the abandoned town of Stillwind.

Lost in a Fog Objectives:

  • Explore Stillwind
  • Search the abandoned village
  • Gigas Fight
  • Pursue the goblin leader
  • Morbol Fight
  • Make for Phoenix Gate

Explore Stillwind

Explore Stillwind - FF16 Lost in a Fog Walkthrough

As you go through the marshes on your way to Stillwind, you can follow the glowing butterflies that will lead you to the objectives or interact with the glowing stuff on the ground to get items. You will then have your first encounter with the goblins. You will also learn about the Magic Burst move that you can use to add more damage to your attack combos.

Defeat all of the goblins, and you can proceed to the next area. Follow the path laid with planks to reach Stillwind and look out for planks, fences, or logs with white markings to find explorable areas that often hide consumables, gil, or other treasures.

Search the abandoned village

Search the abandoned village - FF16 Lost in a Fog Walkthrough

There are more goblins once you get through the village’s gate. Defeat all of them, then head to the boarded path; smash the boards to reach the next area.

Climb the ladder inside the destroyed house, then drop down to the next area where you will fight more goblins.

Once they have been cleared, go to the destroyed bridge and knock off the planks to lower the bridge. Make your way to the next area where you will encounter more goblins, but this time, one of them can cast spells. Defeat them, and the goblin leader will call upon Gigas, a giant goblin.

Gigas Fight

Gigas Fight - FF16 Lost in a Fog Walkthrough

Gigas is a huge goblin that wields a huge club. It moves slowly, and its attacks can be easily read. This is also a time to learn about the stagger mechanic; your attacks will deplete not only its health but also its will gauge. Once its will gauge reaches 50%, it will get partially staggered, which will give you a short window to land more attacks safely. If its will gauge is fully depleted, it will stagger and fall down. You can then use this time to land more combos that are boosted up to 1.5x damage before its Will Gauge goes back to full.

One of Gigas’ attacks to look out for is its full-swing attack. It starts by swinging its club around above its head, then transitions to swinging the club as it spins around a number of times. All swings can be evaded if timed correctly to land an evade counter, or you can simply stay out of the swing range.

After defeating Gigas, you will be rewarded with some XP and Hard Leather Armlets Vambraces.

Pursue the goblin leader

Pursue the goblin leader - FF16 Lost in a Fog Walkthrough

Follow the goblin leader as it escapes. It will try to shake you off by making some debris collapse on your path, but you can just go over it afterwards. Once you reach the open area, the goblin leader will get ambushed and be eaten by a Morbol.

Morbol Fight

Morbol Fight - FF16 Lost in a Fog Walkthrough

The Morbol is a big creature with tentacles and a huge maw. It uses its front tentacles as a whip to attack its targets. It can also bury its tentacles to attack its targets from the ground. It can also spray out a poison cloud around itself that can blow you away if you get too close to it. Look out for its Wild Rage, where it rampages and charges in your direction; try to stay out of its path until it tires out.

The Morbol’s most devastating attack is the maw vacuum, where it buries into the ground and appears at the edge of the arena. It then starts to suck everything into its maw. During this time, you can pull off a cinematic strike that will instantly deplete its will gauge and stagger it. It will do another maw vacuum, but this time, it will jump up high and try to crush you. You can then do a cinematic evasion to avoid getting hit. Once it fails the landing, it will also get staggered for a few seconds. After defeating the Morbol, you will be rewarded with some XP and Gil.

Make for Phoenix Gate

Make for Phoenix Gate - FF16 Lost in a Fog Walkthrough

To complete the quest, simply select the Phoenix Gate marker on the map to travel to that area.