Final Fantasy XVI Louder than Words Quest – FF16 Guide

This guide goes through the events of the Louder than Words quest in Final Fantasy 16 and and share some pointers along the way.

Final Fantasy XVI Louder than Words cover

Louder than Words is one of Act 1’s main quests in Final Fantasy 16. Clive and Cid venture into The Greatwood to follow the lead that the Dominant of Fire has been spotted in the village of Lostwing.

Read ahead as we go through the events of the Louder than Words quest in Final Fantasy 16 and share some pointers that are important to the quest.

FF16 Louder than Words Walkthrough

This quest follows up on the journey of Clive and Cid towards Lostwing. The path to the village is quite short, and it only involves a single boss fight.

Louder than Words Objectives

  • Make for Lostwing
  • Explore Lostwing
  • Pursue the fleeing soldier
  • Chirada Boss Fight

Make for Lostwing

Make for Lostwing - FF16 Louder than Words Walkthrough

Now that you are out of the forest, continue going down the path towards the marker. Enemies will be blocking the path; clear them out to proceed. You will eventually arrive at the village of Lostwing, which appears to be too quiet. Cid leaves your party to look for his scout in the village.

Explore Lostwing

Explore Lostwing - FF16 Louder than Words Walkthrough

Go down to the village and approach the bridge up ahead to hear a weeping child. Talk to the child to get your next objective, which is to go to the village’s church to look for her parents. Take the stairs to get to the church. 

A cutscene will then play where Cid finds and frees his scout, Gav. A guard then gets alerted and runs to warn the others.

Pursue the fleeing soldier

Pursue the fleeing soldier - FF16 Louder than Words Walkthrough

Run through the tunnels and follow the marker to chase after the guard. Another cutscene will play where Clive meets Benedikta. Benedikta then summons Chirada to fight Clive as she stands back.

Chirada Boss Fight

Chirada Boss Fight - FF16 Louder than Words Walkthrough

Chirada is a winged creature that is always in the air. It uses its wings to perform sweeping attacks, and it usually raises or winds them up before attacking. It can also perform a wind slam on the ground using its talons. Look for a green glow, which signals an incoming attack. Chirada also has a mine attack where a green glow appears on spots on the ground and explodes after a few seconds.

When it flies a bit too high for your reach, use your shift strike to reach it and perform aerial attacks. Performing a partial stagger on Chirada can make it fly closer to the ground and easier for you to reach.

Chirada does not have a tanky health bar, so the fight should be quick. After defeating it, you will be rewarded with a Cleric’s Medallion, some wyrrite, sharp fangs, and magicked ash.

After the fight, Benedikta and Cid talk to each other, but it gets interrupted by a guard alerting them that the Dominant has been secured. Benedikta and her squad leave while Cid sends out Gav to scout behind them.

The chapter concludes with another cutscene showing Benedikta interrogating the captured Dominant while Clive and Cid discuss their plans to attack Caer Norvent, where Benedikta and her men have kept all of their captives.