Final Fantasy XV’s Exclusive Minigames For Stadia Is Buggy

One of the better ways to sweeten the honeypot as to why people should use a platform to play a certain game other platforms offer, is by some form of exclusivity. In this case, Final Fantasy XV for the Google Stadia offers players additional minigames to play should they buy the game on their platform. While it may not be enough to win over everybody, it’s still a nice edition.

If only they could get it to work properly.

Unfortunately, internet connection isn’t the only Stadia users have to worry about. Taking any one of the Crazy Challenge minigame collection would often be a buggy mess. There are four exclusive minigames to the Stadia. Out of all four, two minigames are the most guilty of it. And both particularly involve the use of vehicles.

Ever since Stadia’s less-than-stellar launch there has been rarely any good news on the game streaming platform. While it’s hard to say that this is the fault of Stadia as much as it was just an unpolished part of the game, this might make people questionable about buying Final Fantasy XV on Stadia.

Source: IGN