Fire Emblem Engage Relay Tickets: How to Get & Where to Use

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Fire Emblem Engage has a ton of optional content that players can try out which include the Tower of Trials. But in order to take on the trials in the tower, players will need Relay Tickets. Read on, and this guide will teach you more about what Relay tickets can do and where to get them.

What are Relay Tickets in Fire Emblem Engage?

Relay Tickets have one single purpose, and that is to gain access to the Tower of Trials where players can partake in a certain online challenge called Relay Trial that helps players earn rewards such as EXP, gold, SP, and more.

What are Relay Tickets in Fire Emblem Engage?

While the Tempest Trial and Outrealm Trial do not require any tickets to play and can be accessed freely, the Relay Trial requires players to expend Relay Tickets in order to participate and is limited by the number of tickets the player possesses.

How to Get Relay Tickets in Fire Emblem Engage?

To get Relay Tickets in Fire Emblem Engage, you must first unlock the Tower of Trials by clearing Chapter 6 of the main story. You’ll get 1 Relay Ticket for unlocking the tower for the first time, and the game will automatically reward you with Relay Tickets every 24 hours moving forward. You can collect your daily ticket by going to the Somniel from either the World Map or the Tower of Trials, at which point it will inform you that you have been awarded 1 Relay Ticket.

Players can also scan amiibos for more Relay Tickets, though this is not a surefire method.

How to Get More Relay Tickets - FE Engage

Where to Use Relay Tickets in Fire Emblem Engage?

To use Relay Tickets, head to the Somniel and go to the Tower of Trials. Step inside the tower, and then select “Relay Trial” from the menu that appears. You can either enter the fight halfway by taking over another player’s trial, which won’t cost you any tickets or initiate a new Relay Trial by spending 1 ticket.

Once a player’s responsibility in the Relay Trial is over, they can leave the Tower of Trials and carry on with other activities, and check back later to see if the battle was won and claim the rewards that can help them in their future endeavors in Fire Emblem Engage.

And that’s our guide on Relay Tickets for Fire Emblem Engage. If you like this guide, be sure to check out our review and other Fire Emblem Engage articles.

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