Fire Emblem Engage Unit Tier List

Here we outline the Fire Emblem Engage Unit tier list.


Fire Emblem Engage has a large cast of playable heroes. Given such a wide variety, players often ask which characters contribute most significantly to the overarching plot. As such, we’ve listed the best to the worst characters in this Fire Emblem Engage Unit Tier List, so read on.

S-Tier Units

Fire Emblem Engage Unit Tier List - S Tier


As the game’s main protagonist, Alear possesses a series of combative skills that is well balanced for both offensive and defensive stats. He/ she can learn many skills that will work in the player’s favor. Alear’s skills such as Unyielding++ and Hold Out+++ hold great value for keeping him alive. For the Emblem use, he is suited to combat-type emblems that focus on single targets and is very approachable to learning new skills outside his comfort zone.


As one of the leaders in the game, Diamant possesses a hardline defense that can counterattack enemies and deal twice the damage done to him to his enemies, which means he deserves to be in the S-Tier on our Fire Emblem Engage Unit Tier List. His personal skill, Fair Fight, grants him a heavy advantage to easily rupture the movement and break his enemies’ defenses easily.


In every JRPG game, a healer is required in a party, and what better choice than Seadall? Not only does Seadall heal all his allies easily, he raises an ally’s spirits, allowing the ally to act once more in battle. In most of the chapters, speed and extra action are required and he will be an important player to use. He can be paired best with either Marth or Corrin.


When it comes to using magic, Veyle is best suited for combat. She has a good growth rate on Magic stats and is really adaptable on certain battlefields, Her personal skill, Fell Protection, can be useful for all her allies as they can provide both offensive and defensive skills by letting allies take 3 less damage and deal +1 damage.


As one of the speediest characters in the game, Kagetsu is well-versed in the art of combat. Buffs given to her make a threat to all enemies and most of the time, enemies would try to feel from her. Her personal skill, Blinding Flash, is a menace as it decreases the evasion rate of her targets. When paired with either Lyn or Marth as her Engage ring, she will be a greater threat than ever.


During combat, magical skills are important and Ivy is best at doing it. Considering that she not only can use magic, she rides a wyren that can help her evade even the trickiest situations that players will face in combat. Her personal skill, Single-Minded, is a stackable ability that can increase her Hit rate.

A-Tier Units

A-Tier Fire Emblem Engage Characters


In the same class as Ivy, she possesses magical skills that heal allies and grant them protection from being silenced, which is why we considered her to be listed in the A-Tier on our Fire Emblem Engage unit tier list. She can learn Silence Ward to protect Hortensia and her allies from being crippled by Silence. Her personal skill, Big Personality, can grant all staff healers an extra range.


With a great high HP and Def growth rate, Alfred is a formidable frontline ally. Though he is vulnerable to magic attacks, he uses agility and speed to avoid incoming attacks and move quickly on the battlefield. When equipped with Sigurd, he will become the fastest warrior to face off in the field.


As one of the royal knights of Firene, she holds many skills that make her strong. At the beginning of her quest, she will have a higher Mag stat growth than Str and can transition into another class later in the game. Her personal skill, Fairy-Tale Folk, is quite advantageous, but players will find it hard to use, requiring both male and female units to be adjacent.


Though loyal to Ivy, Zelkov has a high Dex and Spd growth rate. His personal skill is worth using as it can lower the Hit rate of enemies attacking; it gives players the advantage to evade incoming attacks. The only thing worth mentioning or worrying about is his low Str stats, as it will become harder to slay enemies.


In taking down fliers, archers are required to have everyone’s back. Fogado can one-hit KO fliers when equipped with Radiant Bow, then immediately retreat with Sigurd Emblem skills, plus he has an excellent growth rate. When promoting him, choose Cupido, as he can also deal more damage on counterattacks.


As one of the many archers in the game, Alcryst is very supportive in combat, quick to move, and has high dexterity. Though he has low Str stats, his personal skill, Get Behind Me, allows him to deal heavy damage and is easy to use.


In the start, he will be one of the four big bosses to face in Fire Emblem Engage, but later on, he will become an ally worth investing in as he is a bulky frontline unit with high HP, Def, and Res stat growth. He can even wield Staves and remove any Break status from an ally.


Picking out units whose class falls under Sage, Lindon would be the right choice as he has offensive skills with a high Mag growth rate. His personal skill, Weapon Insight, grants him an increase of Crt, but the only problem is that he has low Dexterity.

B-Tier Units

B-Tier Fire Emblem Engage Characters


As this unit falls under B-tier in our Fire Emblem Engage unit tier list, it doesn’t mean she is very weak. Players must give her skills to survive longer as she can increase her resistance against magic-based attacks. She should be equipped with Roy as her Emblem, as it will further increase her attack rate and give off a stronger sense of her surroundings.


Celine’s skill and stat growth allows her to move freely as a fighter. Though she lacks the offense to defeat enemies, she can learn offensive skills like Sword Agility 5 or Tome Precision 5 gives her the damage and survivability she needs depending on what weapon you want to equip her with.


Lapis has a fair amount of stat growths in Spd and good stat growths in Def, making her an excellent choice for being an evasion unit.


Though he is a good healer, Jean lacks the survivability to stay active in combat. Healing Light allows him to keep himself and an ally alive for as long as Jean has a Healing Staff equipped.


As an elusive thief, Yunaka possesses the skill to boost her Crt on particular terrains. She will need a lot of items and skills to be equipped, like the Peshkatz and Lunar Brace+, to deal with even the heavily armored enemies that she can’t take out with a single blow.


As a healer, she has a personal skill called Party Animal that Grants a bonus to Hit and Avo equal thrice to the number of allies and foes within two spaces.


Timerra is a uniquely hard character to understand. Her advanced class, Picket, is a lancer piercing enemy lines with flawless skill, and her bouncy steps can easily avoid deadly attacks.


Vander proves to be a force to be reckoned with at the early stages of the game since his class, Paladin, is already an Advanced class. Though strong, he will be hard to level up as his evasion rate is low, especially against magic attacks.


Merrin is a knight who darts over the battlefield mounted on wolves. His knife strikes are the weakness of many enemy camps.


As a flier, he wields weapons that strike fear, especially in men, as their evasion rate decreases. Though it is commendable for his high HP stats, he lacks an impactful attack that decimates enemies surrounding him, especially against archers.


Even though she falls under the category of Hero, her weapon proficiency at the start will be low and unlocked during the game’s climax. Leveling up will be challenging as her stats will increase slowly.


I can say one thing about Saphir. She is good for providing backup for her allies, and when her health is very low, she will instantly have Hit/Avo+20 during combat. I recommend that she have Leif or Ike as her Engage Ring as they give her a strong combat skill to take out foes instantly.

C-Tier Units

C-Tier Fire Emblem Engage Characters


Louis is always considerate of his comrades and loves watching his allies be at peace. His Hp and Str stats are high, but his speed and Resistance are low, so equipping items that provide these stats are required. His personal skill, Admiration, works only if two female allies are adjacent within two spaces; this unit takes two less damage during combat.


Clanne is a very childish unit to know in the game. But he can do various things during combat, such as healing, attacking with magic spells, and more. However, choosing the right class to promote him will be hard and tricky.


At the beginning of the game, Framme will be very important as she is the only healer players can use. It is recommended that she should be promoted to Martial Master as she will inherit the skill, Diffuse Healer, as when a unit is healed by a staff, all adjacent allies also recover 50% of the HP that the unit recovered.


Even though she is strong at the beginning of the game, Etie needs skills compatible with her bow. If players increase her bond level with Lyn, she can inherit skills that go well with her archer skills.


As an axe specialist, Boucheron has great offensive stats and can make chain attacks with any character nearby. The only thing that is hard to improve is his chain attacks, as there are times that these attacks do at most one damage and are hard to improve unless they are weak to axe skills.


Although Anna starts off as an Axe Fighter, her stat growths favor a Magic-oriented build instead of a Physical one. But her skill, Make a Killing is worth investing in as players gain 500G when a unit defeats a foe.


Though her skills are favorable regarding offensive magic, her main thing is more focused on healing and buffing allies. To ensure her combat skills are effective, players must equip Celica and Micaiah as her engage ring to balance her stats and skills properly.


Amber is a good lancer to have in FE Engage. The only fault I see in him is that he is a loner. His personal skill, Aspiring Hero, only works if no other units are within one space of the unit or foe, and he grants Hit+20 at the cost of Avo-10 during combat.


Technically, Bunet is more useful as an eater than a warrior. His skills Seconds? Works when eating a packed lunch, and that unit may obtain another item. His defense stats are good, but his offensive stats need a lot of improvement, as items and emblem rings like Leif and Ike will be essential.


Panette is extremely polite with her words, though she used to be much wilder, and the vestiges of her past resurface during battle. Despite her refined manners, she has unique tastes and skills that make her complicated to learn as it requires her to take damage most of the time. Even if her counter skills are worth using, her HP and defensive stats will need some improvements.