Fire Emblem Engage Update 1.3.0 Adds Ancient Well, Inherit Skill Option in Arena

The Ancient Well and Inherit Skill added!

Nintendo has now released the new Fire Emblem Engage update 1.3.0 which arrives for all players with or without the expansion pass.

Fire Emblem Engage update 1.3.0 is finally here and it offers DLC support for Wave 3 DLC that came out together with it. It also made some fixes, added a new feature, and some quality-of-life changes.

The biggest addition to the game is the introduction of the Ancient Well, which has a rather quirky feature that many fans would love. After a Fire Emblem gets released for a few weeks, the developers love to release an update or a free DLC that offers some weird weapons that have some good damage. Weapons would look like giant lollipops, chocolate bars, candy, bread, and more. These are called Joke Weapons and are traditional for the franchise. Fire Emblem Engage is no exception and now it has a different mechanic involved.

The Ancient Well is just ahead of the Wyvern Ride minigame on the Somniel. Players can throw in extra weapons and items that they do not need and after one battle, it will potentially exchange them for a new, better weapons. Sometimes, the Joke Weapons will be exchanged, which are cool to have.

The quality-of-life feature that got added is the Inherit Skill, which was only available in the Ring Chamber. Now it is also conveniently available in the Arena, where the Emblem fight option was featured. This allowed characters to get closer to Emblems by fighting them in one sparring round. Before, players had to go to the Ring Chamber again to inherit the skills that were available after getting closer to an Emblem. This new addition makes it easier now.

fire emblem engage update 1.3.0

Check out the full patch notes below:

General Updates

  • Compatible with Wave 3 of the Expansion Pass.
  • From Chapter 7 forward, you’ll be able to exchange items at the ancient well on the Somniel. You’ll need to talk to the proprietor of the armory.
  • You can now use Inherit Skills in the Arena.
  • Issues have been fixed to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.

Fire Emblem Engage is out now on Nintendo Switch.