A Fix For a Glitch in the Nintendo’s Switch’s Log Coming Soon

So the Nintendo Switch recently marked its one year anniversary a couple of days ago and the handheld gaming console has been doing relatively well with impressive sales. Though instead of celebrating the one year successful cycle of a new console, everyone seems to be more keen in talking about a particular glitch that wipes your play time.

If you haven’t heard, the Switch seems to have a bit of a problem with it’s play time as players who have been playing a particular game for more than a year had noticed that their activity logs reset as if they were playing it from day 1 again right back to 0 hours. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to affect the save files. The data for the game you play is still there and is properly being recorded, it’s just not displayed properly.

While it’s not annoying in anyway, it does seem to be a notable thing to look at and it seems that Nintendo is aware of the issue as they have decided to address the concerns about this.

As of now, there is no further information on when exactly this fix will come, but other than not correctly displaying the right numbers, it’s not really a very concerning thing to look at so we can afford to be patient.

People from below the comment section of the tweet seems to be more excited for a backup save file for the Switch and the ability to copy saves from user to user. Hopefully, Nintendo also addresses this issue in the nearby future as it does seem to be a bigger problem than displaying the correct play time.

There are also more people who are asking for themes in the comments and it seems that they’re more interested in Nintendo doing something else other than just fixing the proper play time display.

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