Remnant 2: How to get Ford’s Scattergun

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Founder Ford has forever been a thorn in the side of the Red Empress. He is instrumental in the rebellion that nearly destroyed an empire that stood for many millennia. And yet, despite all that, his enemies saw fit to enshrine the weapon of a most hated enemy.

Ford’s Scattergun is one of the secret weapons that can be found on Yaesha. With the right mods and the right playstyle, the weapon transforms from a simple 12 gauge shotgun to a variable shotgun sniper. It is also one of the keys to unlocking the Archon archetype.

The path to getting Ford’s Scattergun starts and ends at the Red Throne of Yaesha. For starters load up an Adventure mode of Yaesha and make sure you start at the Red Throne. This quest will require you to be a political creature, buttering up and making nice to the right people.

Go to the throne room and greet the Red Empress. Be as polite as possible to the Empress and generally try to get on her good side. This is very important down the line. Any deviation from this and you won’t get the item necessary to get the weapon. Next, we’ll give the Empress a gift to gain further further. We will be looking for the Ornate lockbox.

How to Get the Ornate Lockbox in Remnant 2?

Follow the questline all the way to the end of the Widow’s Court. Once there, go through the ruins and safely wake your way to the bottom of the sinkhole. At the end of the corridor there, you’ll see a treasure chest. Take the contents and look to your immediate left. Next to the lantern will be a hidden passage behind an illusionary wall.

Go to the end of the corridor and take the elevator to the Empress’ bed chamber. On the table next to the bed, you’ll find the Ornate Lockbox.

After you’ve located the Ornate Lockbox, the body of a royal guard will spawn somewhere in the courtyard. This guard will be carrying the Ornate Key and a note from the Empress herself. Take the key and make your way back to the Red Throne.

Note: From our playthroughs of this section, the Royal Guard always spawns in the area that covers the courtyard. It may be different in your version of the level. But rest assured, the guard and key will not spawn unless you pick up the Ornate Lockbox first.

Important: If you want to gain favor with the Empress, refrain from even looking at the Ornate Lockbox. DO NOT open the box under any circumstances. You’ll know when you get back to the Red Throne.

Note: You can do this part before or after taking down the Corrupted Guardian. But it is best done before to prevent any unfortunate sequence breaks.

How to get the Red Doe Sigil in Remnant 2?

Once you get back to the Red Throne, choose the ‘I have questions’ option when prompted by the “Interpreter”.

You will now see a new option appear. Choose the ‘I think might belong to you. [Give Lockbox] option. The Interpreter will then ask if you’ve looked at the contents of the box. Choose the ‘Didn’t seem like my business’ option. If you chose the other option, she will grow suspicious motives. At worst, it cost you access to Ford’s Scattergun.

For your efforts and discretion, you will be rewarded with the Red Doe Sigil. An item that can open more doors for you on Yaesha.

How to get the Seal of the Empress in Remnant 2?

Now that you have proven yourself trustworthy in the eyes of the Empress, it’s now time to finish the job. Go back to the Widow’s Court and take down the Corrupted Guardian in whatever fashion you prefer.

With the task complete, head back to the Red Throne and report your success to the Red Empress. For this next part, you’ll need to heap as much praise as possible and even bend the knee when asked. This will seal the deal and the court will see fit to bestow upon you the Seal of the Empress ring.

How to get Ford’s Scattergun in Remnant 2?

Now that you’ve done all the steps and pleased the royal court. It’s time to move on and claim the prize you’ve sought for the entire time, Ford’s Scattergun.

Exit the throne room and turn right towards the library. Equip the Seal of the Empress ring and the floor will reveal a hidden passageway and at the end of the passageway lies Ford’s Scattergun that’s been enshrined by the Pan. (Too bad, we didn’t see any signs of the old man while we were there.)

Ford’s Scattergun Details

Ford’s Scattergun, at least in the base form, is quite basic. It is powerful but it is held back by the fact that the weapon’s wide scatter diffuses much of the potential damage.

By equipping rings and the right amulet, you can bring down the spread to the point that it is practically a shotgun with the accuracy and range of a rifle. You may want to experiment to see which trade-offs are good for you.

On its own, the weapon is perfect for run-and-gun playstyles like the Explorer or even the Challenger archetype. In those cases, you’ll want to ditch range and focus entirely on damage.

And that’s everything we have on Ford’s Scattergun. But that’s not the end of the story, the scattergun is a necessary part of getting the Archon archetype. And you can bet that we are working out the details and bringing you information very soon.

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