Remnant 2 How to Get All The One True King Rewards

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The One True King is the tragic figure at the heart of Remnant 2’s The Awakened King DLC. He ruled the Fae for the longest time, and despite not being Fae himself, his power alone kept the Fae in line and prevented them from giving in to their base desires.

But an assassination attempt by one of the members of the Magistrate Council with a cursed dagger resulted in the king falling into a deep slumber. It was there, that the Root managed to get ahold of him. They him paranoid to the point that he was willing to kill anyone who was not 100% in support of his madness.

In this guide, I’ll tell you all the rewards you can get after challenging the One True King and having come out on top. In typical Remnant fashion, there are certain rewards you can only acquire if you finish the fight under certain conditions and if you have a specific accessory equipped on your person.

The following items are those associated with the One True King quest line. Excluding the Crimson Dreamstone, the items on the list can be acquired depending on how you kill the One True King. It is virtually impossible to not fight the One True King in the DLC at the end. It is an inevitability much like how you’ll always be in conflict with the Root.

This guide will also disregard any arrangements you may have made with either The One True King or Nimue. Who you talk to and what you agree upon will result in different rewards. Check out my Nimue Rewards article for more information on that.

Crimson Dreamstone

This first reward is not directly tied to the One True King but is part of the Consecrated Throne dream world where a ruined version of his throne can be found. You can get to this place by drinking the Liquid Escape consumable while trapped in the Ethereal Manor.

Once in the hellish dream world, go to the throne in the middle of the lake of blood and you’ll find the Crimson Dreamstone in the seat.

The ring increases Skill Damage by 1% per each Critical Hit on an enemy. The effect lasts for 10 seconds and can stack up to 15 times. At its maximum, the ring bestows a 15% increase in Skill Damage. This ring goes well with weapons that have a high fire rate and ammo mods. The Archetypes that benefit most from this ring are aggressive ones such as the Gunslinger.


The first reward I’ll talk about is the Wrathbringer melee weapon. To get it, you’ll need to get the Tormentor’s Pommel Crafting Material. You can get the Crafting Material after killing The One True King in combat. But it has to be done while he is out of his rage mode. (More on that below.)

It doesn’t matter how you kill the king to get the Tormentor’s Pommel. All that matters is that he is not in his ‘Enraged’ state. It also doesn’t matter if the king is holding his mace or he is without it, nor if the king is kneeling or not.

I got this drop while the king was not enraged and his club was in his hand without kneeling. Actually, he died of status effects rather easily.

You can head back to Ward 13 and talk to McCabe about crafting the weapon for you at the cost of some Lumenite Crystals and Scrap.

The Wrathbringer is a crazy powerful weapon if you have the right setup for it. Its built-in mod is called Awakening, and it allows you to take incoming damage and turn it into Melee Damage. If you pair it with the Atonement Fold from Leywise the Scribe, you can have the buff on almost indefinitely as the minuscule amount of bleed damage is enough to activate the passive.

What you get in return for your small sacrifice is a weapon that swings fast and hits like a truck. The best part is you don’t really need to lean in on a melee build to make it work. In Veteran difficulty, this pairing is enough to nearly one-shot most regular enemies you encounter.


The next reward I’m going to be talking about is the Monarch long gun. This weapon is unique in the fact that it has one of the highest firing rates for a long weapon, closely matching those of some SMGs. It possesses a 60-round magazine from which bolts of energy are fired. Individual shots are nothing to write home about but the sustained damage over a period of time is noteworthy.

To get the Agony Spike crafting material necessary to make it, you’ll need to clear the alternate kill condition for The One True King. This is the only way to get it, and it is somewhat harder to pull off compared to the regular method.

When the One True King’s health drops below 50%, a new re-occurring phase will be incorporated into his moveset. After swinging his massive club a few times, the king will get enraged to the point of charging himself to an Empowered state.

During the channeling period, he will be invulnerable and will send out random AoE attacks around the arena. At the same time, he will summon a host of Dran to distract you ahead of the next phase. The next phase starts when the king sends out a shockwave and absorbs all the life force from the Dran left alive. At the end of the channeling, the king will enter Empowered Mode with anywhere between 1 to 3 flames on his chest.

In order to get the Agony Spike to drop, you’ll need to kill the king while he is in this empowered state. The reason why I said the alternate method is harder is due to the fact that the king is tankier in this state and it does wear off over time. Not to mention his new set of powerful attacks can kill you if you aren’t careful. He also recovers quite a bit of health when he absorbs the life force of his Dran servants.

The key is to make sure the king has enough charges for you to properly kill him with your hardest-hitting weapons. The amount of servants is a clue as to how long his Empowered form will last. If you don’t kill any servants, the king will have

The best method I found that works for me involves lowering the king’s health until he has a sliver left and then allowing him to start his Empowered phase. The moment he goes Super Saiyan, feel free to dump all your ammo into using whatever Skill/Mods you have on.

The Monarch’s built-in mod, Chain of Command, allows the weapon to shoot out a homing beacon that attaches itself to a target. Wherever this beacon is on the enemy, the gun’s bullets will be drawn to it. Continuous hits on a target fill up an Influence meter near the reticle. When full, the player sends a shockwave, automatically reloads the magazine, and gains 20% increased Damage for 20 seconds.

This all sounds well and good in theory. But in practice, it’s not all that spectacular. The base damage leaves plenty to be desired. But I remain hopeful that one day a new amulet or set of rings will allow it to become the powerhouse we think it could be.

The one nice thing about the weapon is its ability to punish the one target stuck with the harpoon. In a scenario with two targets: a mob and the boss. You can attach the harpoon to the boss and you can start shooting the nearby mob. The rounds deal damage to the mob and will actually pass through them to then hit the boss for secondary damage. A bit of a roundabout way to deal damage. But someone’s going to find the gameplay loop fun.

Burden of the Departed

The last reward I will talk about is the Burden of the Departed ring. This little trinket can be obtained by equipping the Burden of the Divine ring before challenging the One True King. The king will also have a special dialogue referring to the ring, much in the same way he talks about the Assassin’s Dagger. But unlike the dagger, there is a secret reward given after the king is defeated.

I don’t actually remember when and where I picked up this ring, to be honest. All I know is that it is floor loot that you can find in Losomn. Regardless, if you’ve been playing Remnant 2 and Adventure Mode for the past few months, chances are you already have this ring in your possession.

Anyway, when you have this ring equipped, all outcoming damage is reduced by 10%. This actually hurts quite a bit, especially if you are playing solo. On the flip side, your allies gain 50% health from your own acts of self-healing. Again, this is great in multiplayer. Will not help you one bit in single-player. But you need to have it on for the duration of the fight.

You will receive the ring the moment the boss goes down. It’s actually surprising how much a 10% damage reduction can make your fight seem so much harder than it actually is.

When you have the Burden of the Departed on, it will reduce the total number of Relic Changes you have by 33%. In exchange, it will increase all damage dealt by 10%. This might be something you might be looking be interesting if you have a regen build and looking for a way to bump up your damage in a meaningful way.

And that’s everything I know regarding the rewards you can get from your fights with the One True King. There are other rewards out there connected to Nimue, but that deserves an article on its own.

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