Remnant 2 All Nimue Rewards in The Awakened King DLC

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Nimue was once the advisor and friend to the One True King. But she was convinced by one of the Council members to help them kill the One True King for the sake of the Fae. However, at the moment, she altered the dagger meant to kill him, and instead put the king into a deep sleep. This one act set in motion the events of the DLC.

In this guide, I’ll tell what rewards you can receive from your brief interactions with Nimue inside her prison tower. All these interactions happen pretty much at the end of the DLC, around the same time you meet The One True King.

How to get to Nimue’s prison tower

To get to the prison tower, you’ll first need to reach the world stone at the entrance of the Palace of the One True King. Start climbing up the circular staircase till you reach the first side room with the lower chamber. Drop down and follow the circular staircase to the castle’s backdoor. Take it and cross the courtyard of stone and on the other side of the bridge is Nimue’s prison tower. This is also the same we take when acquiring the Ritualist armor set.

Gift of the Unbound Amulet

The first reward I’ll talk about is the Gift of the Unbound Amulet. To get it, you’ll first need to accept the One True King’s order to kill Nimue. But you will not carry out the kill order. Instead, tell her that you’ve had a change of heart and will then put the mad king out of his misery.

You are going to receive three quest items during this short quest:

  • Rod of Retribution
  • Nimue’s Vow
  • Nimue’s Blood-Marred Vow

You get the Rod of Retribution after agreeing to serve the One True King. It was supposed to be the weapon meant to kill Nimue. You’ll get Nimue’s Vow after sparing the goddess’s life and agreeing to the king.

Interesting fact: If you have Nimue’s Vow during the fight with the One True King, it will cause burst damage at the very last bar of health, essentially landing the killing blow. It’s a neat interaction that most won’t even notice.

After the fight, the item transforms into Nimue’s Blood-Marred Vow. Return this item to Nimue and she will reward you with the Gift of the Unbound Amulet.

The amulet disables the negative effects of Burden Rings. But it’ll restrict the Maximum Health gained by 20% per effect disabled. So, if you plan on rocking multiple Burden Rings, you might want to reconsider it due to the health restrictions.

The following are some of the rings that can go together with the amulet: (I’m sure there are more rings out there but these are the ones I currently have.)

  • Burden of the Gambler
  • Burden of the Follower
  • Burden of the Audacious
  • Burden of the Departed
  • Burden of the Destroyer
  • Burden of the Mariner
  • Burden of the Sciolist
  • Burden of the Warlock

Jewel of the Beholden Ring

The second reward on the list is the Jewel of the Beholden Ring. This one is pretty easy to get. Just kill the One True King without first having a chat with Nimue. She won’t be saying any unique lines in recognition of your feat. But you’ll get a secret ring for your efforts.

When you have the Jewel of the Beholden equipped, every time you use a Relic, increase Mod Damage by 15% for 10 seconds. This can easily slot into any build that has an emphasis on damage-dealing mods. You don’t even have to strictly focus on them either. Ammo mods are very destructive. Adding a 15% increase in damage is significant.

Broken Heart Relic

The last reward is the Broken Heart Relic. You get this by agreeing to kill Nimue, and then proceeding to execute her using the Rod of Retribution. It’s so sad watching a Divine plead for her life. But she already accepted the possibility of us not listening to her cries for help. She eventually accepts the judgment in the most dignified way.

However, I still felt bad about carrying out the order. Hands-down one of the most soul-crushing send-offs I’ve witnessed so far. Right next to condemning N’Reud to an unknown fate inside a black hole.

The Broken Heart Relic has an innate 50% Use Speed Bonus. Meaning that you won’t have to wait forever for the heal to cast. But when used, sets current Health to 50% of max Health over 0.25 seconds. It’s a good relic to use when near death and in a pinch. I would not advise using it when close to full health.

And that’s everything I have for all the rewards you can get from your interactions with the imprisoned Nimue. Definitely a remorseful character who, in the end, pays dearly for her indecision.

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