Forspoken Game Length – How Long to Beat

How long can you beat Forspoken? In this article, you will know how long a player can finish the game.

The beautiful open-world fantasy setting of Forspoken promises a lot to explore. You could be asking about the Forspoken game length or how long you’ll be spending to beat the main story. In your effort to save the world of Athia, you are up against the ticking clock, and this article will talk about how long it’ll take to beat Forspoken and its complete chapter list.

How long to complete Forspoken?

Forspoken’s game length will take 20 to 30 hours to beat the main story on average, but with side quests and other miscellaneous activities for completionists to get the Platinum PS5 Trophy for Forspoken will take 50 to 60 hours tops to 100% complete the game.

Considering the open-world nature of Forspoken, you could possibly take longer or shorter to beat the game on average depending on how you dabble with side activities. There will almost certainly be new quests, dungeons, and tons of rewards. Terada has also hinted that the game will come with a satisfactory endgame for players who choose to continue playing for a longer period of time.

How long to beat Forspoken?

Forspoken Length - How Long to Beat

Forspoken has a total of 12 main chapters with 1 extra chapter plus 21 side quests known as Detours. These Detours are optional and can take around 15 to 30 minutes each, and if skipped, you can finish Forspoken as fast as 20 hours.

Here’s the complete Forspoken chapters list, along with each Detour or side quest per chapter:

  • Chapter 1: Attachments
    • Detour 1: Chasing the Calico Cat
  • Chapter 2: Stuck
  • Chapter 3: The Interloper
  • Chapter 4: What Must Be Done
    • Detour 2: A Guided Tour
    • Detour 3: Feeding the Sheep
    • Detour 4: Chasing the Black and White Cat Part 1
    • Detour 5: Chasing the Gray Cat Part 1
    • Detour 6: Chasing the Black and White Cat Part 2
    • Detour 7: Robian’s Treasured Memories
    • Detour 8: New Perspectives
    • Detour 9: Chasing the Gray Cat Part 2
  • Chapter 5: Might and Main
  • Chapter 6: Damned If You Do…
    • Detour 10: Dancing in Cipal
  • Chapter 7: The Hue of Blue
    • Detour 11: Sila’s Pact
    • Detour 12: Helping the Broken
    • Detour 13: Chasing the Striped Cat Part 1
    • Detour 14: Chasing the Striped Cat Part 2
  • Chapter 8: The Truth Will Out
  • Chapter 9: Breaking Point
  • Chapter 10: None the Wiser
  • Chapter 11: Forspoken
  • Chapter 12: Awakening
  • Chapter 13: New Beginnings
    • Detour 15: Chasing the Black Cat Part 1
    • Detour 16: Chasing the Black Cat Part 2
    • Detour 17: Cipal Reborn
    • Detour 18: Dancing in Cipal: Encore
    • Detour 19: Dancing in Cipal: Finale
    • Detour 20: Lost Lullabies
    • Detour 21: A Blast from the Past

Does Forspoken have New Game Plus and Post-Game Unlockables?

Forspoken does not have a New Game Plus feature, however, it may be introduced in a future update. However, the post-game is quite lengthy. After beating the game, you can play Chapter 13: New Beginnings as Frey, the “Breakwarden.” This post-game chapter allows you to find all collectibles and get the Platinum trophy in Forspoken and 100% complete the game. Loading your saved game lets you explore Athia and complete any unfinished side quests. After finishing the main story (Chapters 1 to 12), new Detours will also unlock, opening up previously inaccessible locations, plus more powerful Bosses to defeat.

Forspoken is now available for the PlayStation 5 and PC.