Forspoken Leak Reveals First Hour of Gameplay

A lot of spoilers from the leaked video but might be helpful for the curious.

Over an hour of gameplay of a new Forspoken leak has been shared online.

The Forspoken leak was first shared on the popular Resetera forums, but the thread has since been deleted. Fans who want to go in the game without knowing what the first hour of the game would look like might want to stay away and not click on the link shared here.

The Forspoken leak video (about 75 minutes long) shows a full look at the beginning of the game’s story, what combat is really like, in-game items, and other gameplay mechanics. According to those who have viewed the video, it would appear that the combat has slightly improved since the game demo’s first release.

The video shows various settings the player could change like the difficulty settings offering aim assist, the speed of switching spells, stamina recovery speed, and many more. Other settings can be changed too like controls, display settings, sound settings, wireless controller settings, and accessibility settings. The game offers a wide array of options to choose from.

The game starts with Frey Holland, the protagonist of the story, in a cutscene that is set in modern-day New York. After the next few scenes, she gets taken from her home and placed in the fantasy world of Athia. It is now her mission to find a way to get back home and hone her magical powers to survive another day in an unknown world.

forspoken leak

Forspoken launches on January 24, 2023 exclusively on PC and PS5. The playable demo is now available and has been upgraded after various feedback from the community. Also, in case you forgot, the PC version has Denuvo DRM protection, so be prepared.