Fortnite Ariana Grande Monster Hunter Quests Guide

A Complete Guide to Ariana Grande Monster Hunter Quest in Fortnite

People are probably excited that Ariana Grande is returning to Fortnite, but this time she’s giving us a set of punchcard quests that’ll give us a new pickaxe as well as some XP of course to help us move up some tiers.

The pickaxe we’ll receive in question is the new All-Weather Extractor Pickaxe (Dark Style) and if you’re a Fornite Crew subscriber then you’ll also be receiving the All-Weather Extractor Pickaxe (Brite Style) as an extra bonus.

Starting the quests requires us to find Ariana Grande who is at the pier in Believer Beach.

fortnite ariana grande quest believer's beach

5 Locations to Complete Ariana Grande Fortnite Quest Challenges

Fortnite Command Symbol – How to Reveal Command Symbol Ariana Grande Quest

fortnite ariana grande quest reveal command

You can find the command signals in Believer Beach, Weeping Woods, Misty Meadows, Corny Crops, or Retail Row. When you reach one of the areas there will be a pink silhouette and three sticks sticking out of the ground around it with a blue hologram.

To reveal the command symbol, all you need to do is to follow the emotes of the blue holograms to solve the puzzle. If it wants you to vibe then use the “Vibin'” emote, if it wants you to jump then jump, and so on.

Rewards: 30,000 XP

Study Caretaker’s Footprints in Fortnite – Ariana Grande Quest

fortnite ariana grande quest caretaker's footprints

If you check your quest log screen then you’ll see that there are plenty of Caretaker’s Footprints scattered across the map, some are located in Corny Complex, Dirty Docks, and Holly Hedges. They are large, circular, and have a purple glow on the ground. There are five footprints in each area and you will need to study two sets to finish the quest.

Rewards: 30,000 XP

Fortnite Collect a record and place in a turntable – Ariana Grande Quest

fortnite ariana grande quest record and turntables

You can find turntables and speakers in Believer Beach, the mountain top southwest of Misty Meadows, and Retail Row. The easiest would be the mountain top southwest of Misty Meadows. There will be a dance studio up there and just look for the box of records next to Fabio Sparkleman. There are also records that can be found in several locations such as within the houses in Pleasant Park and those in Craggy Cliffs.

Collect the record then the turntables next to it to complete the quest.

Rewards: 30,000 XP

Collect Symbols from Eliminated Cube Monsters in Fortnite – Ariana Grande Quest

fortnite ariana grande quest cube monsters

To find the Cube Monsters we’re gonna need to check for some orange symbols on our map before getting off the battle bus. Once we get in the freaky-looking bubble, we’ll be able to find the Cube Monsters which will chase and attack you. Use whatever you have in your arsenal to beat 5 of them and collect the symbols.

Rewards: 30,000 XP

Launch Signal Flares in Fortnite – Ariana Grande Quest

fortnite ariana grande quest signal flares

The last challenge requires you to launch three signal flares, which are striped rockets that you can find on the mountain southwest of Catty Corner, south of Believer Beach, on the hillside between The Convergence and Lazy Lake, Craggy Cliffs, or southwest of Dirty Docks. Just interact with the rockets to see the fireworks and you’re done.

Rewards: 30,000 XP

So how was that for an Ariana Grande level challenge? While there may be a lot of work to do, at least now you’ll have yourself a special item to remember it by as well as the 150,000 XP in total that you got from doing all five quests. For more guides on Fortnite check them out here on Sirus Gaming.