Fortnite Adds Geralt of Rivia in Witcher Collaboration

Hire a professional. Hire a Witcher.

Epic Games recently revealed the next collaboration for Fortnite battle royale including a new character outfit.

Geralt of Rivia will be visiting Fortnite starting today and can be unlocked by just completing his Battle Pass Quests in Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 1. Page 1 of his Quests is now available and Page 2 will become available on February 28, 2023 with the release of v23.50. Players must purchase the Battle Pass in order to complete the quests.

Here are the Geralt of Rivia Quests Page 1

  • ACTIVATE REALITY AUGMENTS IN 5 DIFFERENT MATCHES – They may not be elixirs, but they still do the trick. Unlocks the Geralt of Rivia Loading Screen.
  • COMPLETE 3 BOUNTIES – Nothing personal, just business. Unlocks the Muscle Memory Spray.
  • DEFEAT A BOSS – Only the greatest fools would threaten you. Unlocks the Weapons of the Witcher Back Bling.
  • EMOTE IN THE CITADEL THRONE ROOM – Pretend you’re in Kaer Morhen. Unlocks the Igni Sign Emote.
  • DEAL 500 MELEE WEAPON DAMAGE TO OPPONENTS – Always finish the job. Unlocks the Witcher’s Steel Sword Pickaxe.

Complete all of the Quests on Page 1 to unlock Page 2 of the Quests which will only unlock on February 28, 2023. It will include five total rewards featuring an alt style for Geralt.


Fortnite is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Android.