Fortnite Impostors Mode Update is Now Available

Time to play like Among Us in Fortnite.

Epic Games just announced and also launched a new mode called Fortnite Impostors. This is set within the same Fortnite universe where players find themselves as an Agent working for the Imagined Order or sabotaging their way as an Impostor much like the ever-popular Among Us.

According to the announcement, Fortnite Impostors is going to be a highly social, high-fidelity mode with a maximum of ten players. Some players will need to work together to maintain a never-before-seen map, The Bridge, while the Impostors are set to take it.

What’s the Fortnite Impostors Mode gameplay?

10 players will be split into two groups, with 8 players as an Agent while the other 2 remaining players will play the Impostors role.

As Agent players, there will be unique Assignments like repairing the Battle Bus or calibrating the llamas. Players will need to cooperate to complete them all then you get to claim victory. If you’re playing as an Impostor, your first priority is to hide your identity all the time, sabotage the Agents’ plans by disabling tasks, throwing a Peely Party, or even teleporting players.

Like Among Us, players can initiate a discussion in The Bridge’s center room to share details or to discover who the Impostor is.

It’s best to play Fortnite Impostors with friends, but you can also go into a match by yourself.

When will Fortnite Impostors go live?

Today. So update your Fortnite knickers and get playing.

Is there a Fortnite Impostors trailer?

Fortnite is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile for free.