Fortnite Leaks Claim New Dragon Ball Cosmetics Are Coming

Goku Black imminent!

New Fortnite leaks claim that there will be new Dragon Ball cosmetics that will join together with older accessories in an upcoming collaboration.

There have been rumors that another Fortnite x Dragon Ball collaboration is about to happen soon. The original was a big hit to the players who loved the costumes and new mechanics that they were able to use. If a second collaboration is going to happen, it would not be a surprise anymore.

New datamined files reveal that Fortnite could be celebrating Goku Day too on May 9, 2023 after celebrating Star Wars Day on May 4, 2023. Leakers claim that they have identified an unreleased Item Shop skin with the code name DualParadox. It is a cel-shaded skin and the clues all lead to one of the notorious villains of Dragon Ball Super, Goku Black.

While this is still all speculation, the leakers have shared some evidence that could prove these are all true. The datamined skin has a pink alternative style, and it is going to be part of an existing one already. Since Goku Black is an evil version of Son Goku, it just fits. Still, we will have to wait until Epic Games makes the official announcement.

Fortnite is out now on Android, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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