Fortnite Twitch Player Ninja And Drake Break Record

Fortnite player with Drake breaks record

Music icon Drake and Fortnite Twitch player Ninja suddenly make headlines due to streaming their gameplay of the popular video game. They achieved a lot of views, and it broke the streaming site’s record.

Twitch Record Broken

Ninja and Drake got together with other players to play a few rounds with Epic Game popular shooter video game. As a result, the game’s Twitch stream garnered over 600,000 viewers. The previous record was broken, which was held by another streamer, Dr. DisRespect, with 400,000 viewers.

While the stream gained a stable amount of views by just being on the front page, the viewer count tripled when the popular rapper tweeted about it. Fans were excited to watch this momentous event. Check out Ninja’s Twitch channel here.

Fortnite Gets Updated

In other related news, the latest game update was recently released. It fixed several bugs and implemented new features to try out.

Check out the Fortnite video with Ninja and Drake below: